The Young and the Restless Cast Members Kristoff St. John, Eric Braeden and Jerry Douglas Turn On Michael Muhney As Scandal Intensifies

The Young and the Restless Cast Members Kristoff St. John, Eric Braeden and Jerry Douglas Turn On Michael Muhney As Scandal Intensifies

Nothing brings a group of people together faster than a crisis and it looks like the firing of The Young and the Restless’ Michael Muhney has done just that. In the midst of allegations that Muhney groped costar Hunter King’s breasts on two occasions the battle lines have been drawn. The fans are clearly giving the actor the benefit of the doubt and showing him endless amounts of support. They even paid to have a banner supporting Muhney flown over the studio where Y&R films.

On the flip side, as each day passes it seems that the cast is joining forces to speak out in an attempt to save their show. This situation was handled badly from the jump, with these allegations being sat on for quite awhile so at some point there will likely be a firing or two because sexual harassment is a serious matter that needs immediate addressing. Plus fans are insisting that once Muhney’s last scenes show on Jan. 30th then they will no longer be watching.

I wasn’t there and have no clue where the truth really lies but longtime cast members such as Eric Braeden, Jerry Douglas and now Kristoff St. John have all spoken up one way or another. We know from various sources that Muhney and Braeden clashed regularly and they recently had a fight that turned physical. Douglas claims that Muhney has been high strung and overly emotional and as far as the allegations go he claimed, “to do a thing like that to a woman is despicable and unacceptable. It’s sad.

After seeing numerous tweets attacking King for going to the top with her groping complaint, St. John took to Twitter to defend her and asked Muhney directly to, “Please set the record straight, for those of us that have to take the abuse from the fans. It’s hard to watch and read.” He also told the fans that they are being lied to and deceived by Muhney’s silence. One thing is for sure, at this point no one from the Y&R cast is speaking out in support of Muhney and anything that they do volunteer is quite negative.

This scandal just isn’t going away and it looks like Jill Farren Phelps’ presence won’t be what destroys this show. Instead it’ll be the scandal and division between the actors and fans that ultimately topples Y&R. Who do you think is telling the truth in this tangled mess? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • user1976

    when actors/soaps stars take to twitter to attack each other and fans it tells me that the cast is not only juvenile, classless, but bottom feeders disguised as classy professional. Whatever happened to the classy notion of not responding or engaging in public fights that can cast you in a terrible light? Geez, people not only act out drama but they run towards it in their private life!

  • Janet Roberts

    I don’t believe that Michael did what he is accused of and I totally support him a new Adam will not be accepted.

  • MakeHerUp

    Might be better to start running soaps on Netflix or Hulu exclusively.

  • Barbara Carney

    Love Y&R…since the beginning. Never liked MM… it’s a shame being assaulted is being taken so lightly by His fans. Show some compassion for the girl! He’s been fired from Another show, similar reasons… mmm

  • BlueAngel43

    It is a she said/he said thing…I don’t know the guy but love to watch him on Y and R… He is wonderful at the job he does with no proof its all speculation.. She may be lying because she don’t like him.. Eric Braeden seems not to like anyone.. I will stop watching the show I have watched since it debuted ..

  • Ellen

    Everyone entitled to their opinion. I support Muhney, you support King I don’t need anyone telling me what to think. The actor/actresses should keep their opinions to themselves

  • John Smith

    Seems like the cast members are spewing out talking points from Sony and/or JFP.

  • Linda

    I have watched this show since day 1, started with my grandmother and my Mom. But!!! I can tell you, you let
    Micheal go and I am done. I think that Eric Bearden has outlasted himself. Sounds like some jealousy going on. Adam has been the best story line on that show in years, now this. If there is allegations prove it, take care of it professionally not out into the public. Sick of Y& R and the way you are doing things. If Eric hit Adam, why didn’t you fire him? Get a grip Y & R or you are going to get ripped off of the charts and off of TV. I am so upset. I will support Micheal ntil he says he did something wrong. You are handling this situation wrong, wrong for Micheal, wrong for Y&R and wrong for the fans. I will be following to see what happens and I will tune you out if you let him go, along with all the other 38 family members who watch you.

  • Carolyn

    As Kimberly McBride and many others have stated “Those who have acted immorally or unprofessionally should be fired immediately.” IMMEDIATELY. Says to me there was some serious doubt on someone’s part. There wasn’t even legal steps taken to at least fine MM for sexual harassment or maybe even a restraining order to protect the victim. Something is off with all this so everyone should go back to their corners and start over and if it happens again nail him to wall. MM is an outstanding actor. He is the reason why I still watch the show and now the reason why I won’t be watching the Y & R come January 30th. Wish this had been handled correctly from the start. I will miss my Y & R family.

  • Tracy Crawford

    I have been watchiing this soap since day one. I was so ready for a change. My generation needed their own victor 2.0 as they called him. Loved his character and adore the actor Michael Muhney. And after 40 yrs of my complete loyalty to this show, I will stop recording it as of Jan 30th. Its really sad that Y&R dont care about their true fans…

  • JJ Jones

    Well the thing is if these accusations are true, then JFP should be in trouble too for not immediately doing something about it. But if it isn’t she has ruined a mans reputation and career in an attempt to have her way with the show

  • frustratedformerfan

    If the rumors are true why didn’t she press charges and why did they wait to let him go? Eric probably is the real reason. I think they should get rid of Hunter as well. She is not a good actress. It doesn’t matter to me any more. I. A m through with it after this month.

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  • Linda

    When you read the interview MM gave he says that when he was told he was being let go he sat there for about 5 minutes completely stunned and as he said he usually is never at a loss for words. That to me means that he was completely blindsided by this because if it is true that he did this to HK he would have no question in his mind whatsoever why he was being let go. His original reaction to this is the truth most likely.

  • Sheridan Kirby-Lucenti

    Absolutely!!! FIRE HER, he has been on there for years ,so why wait till NOW, to fondle someone. Many more that look better than her. It’s just hard to believe. If I’m wrong Forgive me, but I don’t think I am

  • Kelly Rapson

    I’m out January 30th and sick of CBS and JFP totally negative. I can’t stand to watch without Michael muhney.

  • JD from NV

    My wife has watched for years and I started watching casually with Her a few years ago. Once Michael Muhney joined the cast I was hooked and never missed an episode with Him in it. Firing the BEST actor on the show based on He said She said acusations is beyond unfair. I cannot watch the show anymore since MM was the ONLY reason I did. Thank You Michael for all the great work you did and where you go I will be watching.

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  • gigimn

    Michael leaving won’t end the show..the crappy story lines will..I swear a group of high school kids has been put in charge of scripts..Sad..but everything comes to an end sooner or later..I sometimes think they were hired to end the show so CBS can put something else cheap in the hour..

  • carlf

    I believe it would be the hardest thing for MM to do is have a gag order from his lawyer! We are all behind him regardless I really don’t think any of this crap happened ! I will follow him were ever he goes!

  • Charlotte

    This is going to be short and sweet. Rest in peace Y&R

  • Shaw Sway

    If the allegations are true, then Michal Muhney should be fired. Yes, I enjoy his work on the show very much too. However sexual harassment should not be tolerated in any work environment even on a soap opera set. I am also guessing that her word against his would not warrant a dismissal, these charges would have to be substantiated for this sort of action. If Muhney remained on the set and the charges are true, Y & R would be facing a lawsuit. The cast may have not gotten along with Muhney but that wouldn’t make the show terminate his employment. I am guessing there a lot of details that fans will never know just for legal reasons. I will definitely miss Muhney work too…

  • Paula Bates Green

    I hate to see Michael go! He was one of my favorite characterson Y&R…as were Phyllis and Billy! I can’t stand Victor and I think he is a bully and Niki should never stay with him! Adam’s character seemed to have started making a name for himself with an almost clean slate then they had to make him go and kill Delia! As for the allegations I am supporting him100% until further notice, then I still may even question that! I can’t stand the actress who plays Summer, (liked the other one better) and I think Summer is whiny and a spoiled brat! If all this is true why weren’t the police informed and such?!

  • Maria

    Billy Miller was my favorite on Y&R. I will be quitting the show.