The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Michael Muhney Get Adam Newman Role Again After Billy Miller Hired as Jason Morgan on GH?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Michael Muhney Get Adam Newman Role Again After Billy Miller Hired as Jason Morgan on GH?

The Michael Muhney rumor mill is working over time this week! Time was running out as not one but two iconic soap opera roles need be filled. Fans seem to be divided as to which one of those roles Michael Muhney should fill. While some of his supporters want him back on The Young and the Restless, a great deal of fans would also like to see him take on the part of Jason Morgan on General Hospital. However as CDL reported recently the word is out that Billy Miller has been cast as Jason Morgan on General Hospital!

Watching Y&R this week with the heartrending scenes of Adam pining for Chelsea and Connor while enemy Billy Abbott spends time them on Father’s Day indicates that it won’t be too long until SOMEONE is cast and we see a face that goes with the hands.Michael Muhney’s diehard fans have been campaigning to have the actor back on The Young and the Restless for months now. Rumors of Muhney being spotted on set of Y&R recently have given fans a sense of hope that their wishes may really be granted. The role of Adam Newman is arguably rightfully Muhney’s, and it is understandable that fans want the actor back on the CBS soap opera. However, if fans were truly loyal of Muhney, then why would they want him thrown back in the lion’s den and on the set of a soap opera that tarnished his reputation alongside co-workers that dragged his name through the mud?

Meanwhile, over on General Hospital, rumors are flying that fan favorite Jason Morgan will be returning the popular soap opera this summer. At first, rumors of Adam Newman being cast as Jason Morgan seemed ridiculous; however, since the rumors erupted Y&R alum Michelle Stafford was secretly cast on GH, making the idea of TPTB at General Hospital picking up Michael Muhney as well seem not so far-fetched. Sure, it’s not Y&R, but at least Muhney would be respected and treated well on the GH set. If the news that Miller is coming on as Jason turns out false then MM would certainly be a popular choice..

So, Muhney supporters, do you believe that Michael has been given back his role of Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless? Or, do you think there is any chance he really could be cast as Jason Morgan on General Hospital? Which role would you rather see Michael Muhney take on if both are available to him? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Shelley

    While there’s no doubt that Y&R will continue its downward spiral without Michael, I don’t believe he would agree to go back after all that has happened. Would I like him to? Yes, because then I would have a reason to return as well. If he agreed, I would hope they would all kiss his feet – and then some . . . !!!

  • Alex

    He needs to move on. I’m not interested in seeing him recast as Adam.

  • RedRiver38

    Michael Muhney could certainly go to GH as another character. Heck, maybe they could even come up with a NEW role. What a concept! As much as I’d love to see Muhney back as Adam, Y&R is still on a downward spiral and I see nothing short of a total house cleaning as its possible saving. JFP has shoved her pet monkey Steve Burton down the audience’s throats. He CAN’T ACT! He’s HORRIBLE! CBS get a clue, dump the show killer and her boy-toy. Y&R sucks.

    • Lala

      I VERY MUCH AGREE!! He(steve Burton?) cannot act!! His shirts are SO TIGHT with bursting muscles that I can’t hardly breath whe I see it…very boring. Forcrying outLOUD!! BRING MUHNEY BACK!!!

  • Wanda

    Bring Adam back and bring Billy back. Both are great and it really messed up the story by taking them out. Please do what you have to and get them both back.

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  • mom chez

    Only Michael and his family can decide whether to return. Certainly though Ms. Hunter can go far far away to not return.

  • mom chez

    Summer deserves to stay on the show…
    Why? What does her sl have to do with MM?


    It is going to be different with a new Jason ,but some change is good and some firings aren’t so good .you know who I’m talking about. I hope gh does a good storyline for the new Jason. You cannot replace robin yet she hasn’t been gone that long . And replacing Hendricks for robin is ridiculous . Pastor hartwell

  • Rhonda Bateman

    I won’t go back to Y&R now, even if Michael decides to do so. Nothing will get me back to Y&R that doesn’t include JFP being fired. She’s responsible for this boondoggle of a mess and I don’t like the way she plays fast and loose with the truth no matter what it does to people’s lives.

  • Wayne

    Fire Summer
    Fire Lily
    Fire Abby
    Fire Billy – already done
    Fire Cricket
    Fire Kelly
    Fire Mariah
    Fire Avery
    …. so many bad actors!

    • Brenda Singleton

      I think billy miller should come back as billy abott ,know one can play the role like he did.

  • Lauren

    He needs to go back as Adam

  • mom chez

    So excited, eagerly anticipating seeing BM on GH. Hope he will really be on screen and that this is not just another teaser rumor.

    I stopped watching Y&R after watching MM’s last scene, then switched to GH. I had been familiar with SB’s portrayal of mob enforcer Jason Morgan, whom SB played as a real dud. I hope GH revises this character (as Jason is coming back from his near drowning) and that BM can make JM character his own. Maybe Billy Miller’s Jason will re-inherit those allusive Quartermain genes.

  • nikki

    There not bright enough at Sony or Y & R to bring him back. They let him go to keep Summer (H.K.) and she can’t act not to mention she does not suit the role at all. Even if they realized they we’re wrong would he go back? I would want a pay raise, H.K. gone, and an apology from (False eyelashes M.T.S./E.B. as well as any other that tried to cash in on him just to get attention.The guy had bed scenes with two of the most beautiful women on the set Sharon Case(Sharon Newman) & Melissa Clair Evans(Chelsea) and was a real gentleman, but he could not control himself around H.K.(Summer) Right! What are these people on?

  • Jmackie

    Yes mom chez, you are 100 percent correct. Wouldn’t it be great if adam was innocent of Delia’s death after all and it was stitch(that’s his secret)? Of course for this story to work, mm and only mm has to come back.

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  • Pamela

    I really really want Michael Muhney back on y&r! The HAVE to bring him back to save that show! He is the best actor out there!

  • sue

    I think billy miller should come back as billy abbott.dont care who comes back as adam newman.but know one can play biily abott like billy miller.miss him.

  • Brenda Singleton

    yes that is the way I feel.they are such good actors and they just fit the role.

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  • Roxx

    Michael muhney he makes the show . Get rid of hunter king she cannot act . She the reason why MM is gone and our soap is going downhill . Bring MM , BM , the old naked heiress and phyllis back . These are excellent actors . Also keep Dylan in Y & R he could act .

  • Blaine Hill

    They should bring muhney back on the y&r without him I’m done with the show

  • Blaine Hill

    They should bring back muhney y&r without him ain’t even a show

  • Kay woods

    Wyatt know his mother kill for that diamond, they are getting away with every think. Ivy and Liam is wrong for each other get Hope and Liam back together. put Ivy and Wyatt together and let Hope fill what she have put Liam though.