Dean McDermott Cheated On Tori Spelling For Years With SO MANY Other Women! (VIDEO)

Dean McDermott Cheated On Tori Spelling For Years With SO MANY Other Women! (VIDEO)

By now, most of you know that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have a horrible marriage, one built around lies, cheating, and scandal. In a new clip from the True Tori – The Reunion: All Questions Answered special, Tori admits that she was afraid to ask Dean, her douchey husband, about other possible affairs because she was too afraid to do so.

When asked the question by Brooke Anderson, Tori replied, “I was afraid. I’m still afraid.” Her reasons for not asking Dean this question are quite interesting, and she admits that no matter the answer he would’ve given her she would’ve had a hard time accepting.

If he would’ve said no to cheating on her with more women (not including Emily Goodhand), then Tori admits she probably wouldn’t have believed him. Because, honestly, why in the world would she? Though, if he admitted to cheating on her more than once, then Tori admits that “that makes my decision for me — I have to leave.”

Many people are wondering why Tori has chosen to stay with Dean McDermott for this long. We understand that she’s doing it to keep her family whole, but at what point does the relationship become too destructive, too poisonous, to carry on? Or is this all just a fake scenario with which they can make a few quick (and reasonably large) bucks?

Honestly, we think Tori should stop trying to salvage this sinking ship. But, if she cut off Dean and underwent a divorce, then they might not have a successful platform to rake in all these $$$.