Michael Muhney’s and Billy Miller’s Firings From The Young and the Restless Show Jill Farren Phelps Hates Women

Michael Muhney's and Billy Miller's Firings From The Young and the Restless Show Jill Farren Phelps Hates Women

Jill Farren Phelps certainly does have a pattern to how she does business. The current showrunner for The Young and the Restless has a reputation that totally proceeds her and it leaves many long time soap fans ice cold. Usually that is because they are all too familiar with Jill’s ability to swoop in and completely revamp a show from top to bottom leaving favorite cast members out of a job, inevitably replaced by Jill’s friends in the business. Jill also seems to have a real issue with female characters. Perhaps it’s because she truly works like one of the boys in the daytime business and so she prefers to see the leading ladies more as damsels in distress rather than as strong women.

That seems to be an issue that comes up on every show that she works on and now that Jill has been at the helm of Y&R for 18 months it’s the same story. The female characters are watered down or desperate in one way or another. There truly isn’t a strong one in the bunch and that leads us to wonder why a woman working in such a powerful position wouldn’t want to see other women portrayed in a stronger way. She could easily bring to the screen some of the most heroic characters in daytime television history and instead each and every one ultimately becomes a victim sooner or later.

Michael Muhney's and Billy Miller's Firings From The Young and the Restless Show Jill Farren Phelps Hates Women

To be fair, it’s not just the women who end up out of a job. Sure her favorite actors always seem to find a job on whatever show she’s attached to, like stealing Steve Burton from General Hospital so that Jason Morgan had to disappear – but have you noticed that Jill seems to really enjoy firing some of the most popular actors too? She couldn’t work with Billy Miller to keep him around? Really? Because Y&R has always allowed their cast to take a week here and there for outside projects, but not any more? Then there’s the questionable firing of Michael Muhney.

I have to wonder if this chick isn’t secretly overjoyed to get rid of a fan favorite, inevitably pissing off a legion of female fans in the process. I mean she appears to have a problem with women in general and so this almost seems like an extension of that, doesn’t it? Fire favorite actresses, victimize female characters and then upset the female fans that dare to swoon after some of daytime’s most talented men. Is this all a coincidence? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Michael Muhney's and Billy Miller's Firings From The Young and the Restless Show Jill Farren Phelps Hates Women

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  • Gail

    Someone needs to get RID of ugly Jill Farren Phelps. I don’t even know anyone now that watches Y&R. WHY? It sucks. The ONLY thing going for it was having Billy & Michael. May as well take it off the air & FIRE Jill!! She sucks

  • Janie

    Thank you for bringing up two excellent points…the storylines use to move along quickly with a quick resolution…now they drag on and on and on. The new Billy…ugh….I am so tired of his whining! The actor may have been perfect for that role a long time ago….but not now. He can’t hold a candle to Billy Miller.
    Leave it to Jill Phelps to run another good show and run off the best actors.

  • george campbell

    new Billy and Victoria,,in his dreams.dump Victor,, see what happens,,come on Jill P

  • Leenywoman

    David Tom Sucks as Billy. He has No chemistry with anyone!!!!! He looks way to young for the role and makes stupid faces all the time. Feel sorry for actors who have to act opposite him. Reallly miss Sexy Billy Miller and really miss Michael Muhney!! Guess i will continue to fast forward these boring storylines till this once entertaining soap gets cancelled. So sad!!! ;-(((((

  • Terri

    Bring back Billy Miller!

  • Karen

    Bring Billy Miller and Micheal Muhney back!

  • Artm

    Billy Miller simply made a better or should I say best billy role…this new billy Abbott is a whimp…not mann enough for Victoria! Billy miller filled the role perfectly. Miss this character on y&r. Stupid mistake if you ask me….

  • granny

    Get rid of this crazy bitch Jill farren Phelps.. don’t let her kill young n restless.

  • michele

    Y&R was truly the best daytime show EVER – Fast passed – now it’s slow & really boring, with no good leading evil men or women.. you can’t let Victor play alone he needs someone to pl
    ay with ;) – The real Adam & Billy obviously needs to come back and Madame Phelps needs to readjust majorly or go somewhere else.

  • mom chez

    The above article is dated February. We are now going into June. Such a waste. Stopped watching. In fairness, as long as the problems are not resolved, I am no longer interested. Team Muhney

  • Yvette Platt-Marcus

    Love your comment. I totally agree. Ms.Phelps must go.

  • ecliff

    They need to get rid of Jill Phelps and bring back Billy Miller and Michael Muhney ASAP!!!!!!!!