Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Vincent Irizarry Fired From DOOL – Deimos Done On Days

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Vincent Irizarry Fired From DOOL - Deimos Done On Days

Days of Our Lives spoilers announce some very unfortunate breaking news from DOOL. Vincent Irizarry has been let go from his contract with Days of Our Lives and fired. Vincent has portrayed Deimos Kiriakis since January of 2016. His character has been a major player in Salem and he has proven to be a fan favorite almost immediately. His last airdate will be in mid-2017. It’s awful that Days of Our Lives has decided to fire one of the best and most popular actors they have – CDL is investigating the real reason he was dumped and will report back.

Vincent Irizarry has a long history of daytime drama success having starred on All My Children, Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Guiding Light and Santa Barbara. There are rumors that Vincent may return to daytime in one of his previous roles. Days of Our Lives show runners have refused to comment on Vincent’s contract or the rumors of his leaving the show. Is this a ploy during contract negotiations or is Vincent really leaving the show?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Vincent Irizarry Fired From DOOL - Deimos Done On Days

CDL has learned that Vincent Irizarry has signed on as a real estate agent with Keller Williams Calabasas Estates. He will be selling multi-million dollar homes for the company. It appears that he will be using his star status in hopes of helping sales.

While Vincent has left daytime multiple times he never has been away from the small screen for long. Even if he is really done with Day of Our Lives it is very possible his absence will be short lived. Vincent has been a major player in daytime television since 1983,

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Vincent Irizarry Fired From DOOL - Deimos Done On Days

Fans would love to see Vincent return to General Hospital and reunite with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). He could also have a starring role on All My Children should it be revived on Netflix. Vincent has proven to be a stand out in the soap world having been nominated for an Emmy multiple times. He won the award once for Best Supporting Actor for his role on All My Children in 2009. He also was declared Outstanding Villain in 1999.

Are you as upset as we are to hear that Vincent Irizarry is leaving Days of Our Lives? How do you think Deimos Kiriakis will be written off? Share your comments below and check back with CDL often for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers and news.

  • Blonbb469

    This is great news. Irizarry is a top notch soap actor, and deserves to be on one of the top soaps (and that ain’t Days). Dr. David Hayward would be a perfect fit at General Hospital (w/ ex wife Anna DeVane). He and Nikki Newman had incredible chemistry on Young&Restless. Make it soon!

  • Cathy Root

    I REALLY LIKED HIM ON days.SAD HE’S BEEN fired, I CAN’T IMAGINE why!I’M SURE Dario or andre will have him killed off????

  • SWND


  • PassionQueen77

    I am glad that Vincent Irizarry got fired from Days of our lives. I cant stand his character as Deimos. The next person who should be gone next is Andre. Andre is so bad news. He needs to go very soon.

    • Alexis Greene

      Claire is absolute garbage! I hate her. Her character has turned into a disgusting little vile brat that needs the crap smacked out of her! As far as Demos and Andre, both of those actors are amazing! Absolutely phenomenal! You are in the minority when it comes to that opinion. Also, this is a soap opera genius! What do you expect? You are also a hypocrite if you have a problem with andre messing up people’s lives and not Claire or anyone else!

      • PassionQueen77

        Claire is on the show most of the time. Yes Deimos and Andre are amazing on the show but i am glad that Deimos is leaving the show. I don’t think you understand of what i said about Andre. Andre is bad news. Other people on here knows that.

  • Karen Scott

    I heard that Vincent is going to join The Young And Restless

  • swnd


    • Suzanne Devenney

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Thanks for your input.

  • PassionQueen77

    Ok that is your opinion. I don’t think Claire should leave the show. The writers like Claire a lot on the show lol. So you want Andre to stay on the show to mess up other people lives sometimes. I think that is wrong.

  • PassionQueen77

    Everybody has the right to voice there own opinion on here. I could talk about any character on here who i don’t like. There is nothing wrong with that. End of story.