The Young and Restless Spoilers: Shocking Reveal – Dylan Leaves Sharon Pregnant as Steve Burton Exits Y&R

The Young and Restless Spoilers: Shocking Reveal - Dylan Leaves Sharon Pregnant as Steve Burton Exits Y&R

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal that doomed officer Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) will leave behind a shocking secret when he bugs out on a daredevil mission during his final month on Y&R.

A wild new The Young and the Restless spoilers report claims that ill-fated Dylan left his wife Sharon (Sharon Case) a teeny tiny memento of their love before going undercover. How will crazy, unstable Sharon react when she discovers the fateful news? If karma is a bear, then disreputable Sharon is about to get bit big time!

Dylan is a heroic, tragic figure. He came to town as a soldier with PTSD which got a lot worse before it got better. First, he married Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Clair Egan) under the impression that the baby she was carrying was his.

The Young and Restless Spoilers: Shocking Reveal - Dylan Leaves Sharon Pregnant as Steve Burton Exits Y&R

But when the real baby daddy’s identity was revealed, poor Dylan couldn’t handle the truth and ran off with the fragile infant. Everyone feared the worst because it was clear that Dylan was still unhinged from his Gulf War experience. In particular, Dylan was especially scarred because he was unable to save a child from becoming a wartime casualty.

What would the unstable Dylan do on the run with an innocent baby while having flashbacks about a dead child? It didn’t look good, but Dylan and the baby were eventually found and Sharon’s love ultimately brought Dylan back from the brink.

Until an epic case of deja vu reared its ugly head and Dylan discovered that he’s a false baby-daddy for a second time! Really, what are the odds of that; let’s hope he left Sharon a lottery ticket before going undercover!

The Young and Restless Spoilers: Shocking Reveal - Dylan Leaves Sharon Pregnant as Steve Burton Exits Y&R

When it was revealed that snaky Sharon duped him about baby Sully/Christian being his own, Dylan seemed to take the news exceptionally well. But cracks in his stoic façade began to appear and before you knew it Sharon caught her hubby cradling a pretend baby in his empty arms! Uh-oh, Sharon wrote the book on crazy, so she knew this couldn’t end well.

Now Dylan is headed off on a super stealth police operation, and Sharon senses he may not come back alive. Worse yet, she fears that Dylan has lost the will to live through the tragic circumstances she created.

The Young and Restless Spoilers: Shocking Reveal - Dylan Leaves Sharon Pregnant as Steve Burton Exits Y&R

Since Steve Burton is leaving Y&R, we can assume it will be a long time, if ever, before Dylan returns to his Genoa City home. But for Sharon, what should have been a period of proper mourning will be complicated by a shock pregnancy!

If Y&R buzz is correct, Sharon must live with the disastrous consequences of knowing that the outrageous baby lie she fed Dylan is what led to his despairing acceptance of a dangerous mission. The cruel irony of learning that she’s finally pregnant with Dylan’s child will rock Sharon to her very core and lead her to more explosive behavior!

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  • sheba

    It is all Sharon’s fault that Dylan is a loose cannon !!!!

  • Dlo

    Well she did give him the final push but he came w/heavy emotional baggage to start with…j

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  • Kathleen Knapp

    FTR: Avery is the one that stabilized Dylan not Sharon. Than Dylan saved Sharon from destruction – until she knowingly deceived Everyone!

    Now, since B&B considers Sharon a core player – I hope she is pregnant- her kids will be there for her – but should Dylan not return & Sharon goes mad- let Paul & Laureen raise the child. Now that is a good Storyline

  • Mari

    Sharon is to old now for another baby, please no more baby storylines especially with Dylan leaving!

  • Owoade Ganiyat

    I hope this is true cos Dylan as real suffer because of the babies that are not his. Have wished for a long time for Sharon to have Dylan baby and Dylan should not die, probably probably they should take him away for now and bring him back later cos I really like him so much, he is a very good person and I also love him for Sharon. I hope they done kill him off.

    • Gammy Sue

      This is a great storyline as long as Nick doesn’t come to the rescue. Maybe Sharon and Stitch, I love that or maybe someone new for her. Would be nice for Sharon to grow up do things on her terms, maybe make up with Nick I (maybe not best buds but Nick I as a nice grandma). Possibilities are endless and With Nick as ex and now uncle. Bring in New love interest for Nick or maybe Phyllis. Sorry Dylan but a little piece of him left behind is a great idea. Also great reason to bring him back later. Thanks. Fingers crossed.

  • Walter Repass

    No. Making Sharon a “widowed” mother for however, if ever, before Dylan returns is just wrong. Tired of the baby stories. Let’s play-up the teen storyline now that Reed Hellstrom is home with mom Victoria. Bring on some new teens to interact and go for it.

  • kapoosa

    Sharon has had enough pregnancies. In reality this woman would be in an institution, not basking in the glow of motherhood. She can’t stay stable for more than 45 minutes.

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  • renelson23

    She is too freaking old – stop with this baby stupidity PLEASE

  • PassionQueen77

    Not another baby storyline. Sharon had Cassie, Mariah, Noah and Faith. She has three kids in her life right now. Even if Sharon became pregnant what would that do. Then someone else is going to change the dna test results. We dont need another whose baby daddy storylines. Besides Sharon is way too old to have another child.