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Whitney Houston’s Stunning Secrets And 3 Lesbian Affairs (Photo)

Whitney Houston's Stunning Secrets And 3 Lesbian Affairs (Photo)
The March 12 Issue of Globe Magazine features Whitney Houston’s stunning secrets exposed including her 3 lesbian affairs which were kept quiet until now. According to the Globe Whitney engaged in 3 torrid lesbian love affairs but they do not yet reveal with whom. Could this be true? Whitney always seemed partial to men but we will find out when … Keep Reading

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Caught Cheating (Photo)

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Caught Cheating (Photo)

The March 12th issue of US Weekly features the cover story ‘Bachelor Ben – Caught Cheating.’  The magazine claims that The Bachelor Ben Flajnik was caught cheating.  Now get this he had three girls in one weekend and US has the exclusive photos of Ben’s cheating spree.  Even though Ben proposed to bachelorette Courtney Robertson he has become embarrassed by … Keep Reading

Jennifer Aniston’s X-Rated Porno Shocker

Jennifer Aniston's X-Rated Porno Shocker

Jennifer Aniston has been criticized as being a tease in her movies for not revealing enough – especially not enough of herself! But now the National Enquirer claims that Jennifer has prepared a special adult film for her man, Justin Theroux, that leaves nothing to the imagination. Apparently Jennifer accessed the ‘steamiest’ outtakes from her new movie ‘Wanderlust’ and … Keep Reading

‘Hunger Games’ Fans: Enter For Your Chance To Meet Your Favorite Stars!

'Hunger Games' Fans: Enter For Your Chance To Meet Your Favorite Stars!

We reported recently that some of The Hunger Games stars will be embarking on a national tour where they’ll be participating in Q&A forums, talking about their experiences on set, and much, much more.  While anyone can venture out to certain cities to see the stars from a far , how would you like a chance to personally meet director … Keep Reading

Cameron Diaz Destroyed By Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wild (Photo)


Cameron Diaz was once a beautiful actress but the celeb has opted for too much cosmetic surgery and now looks ridiculous. Experts in the field claim that Cameron’s new look is the consequence of too much plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments and injections that have left her looking almost freakish.

A couple of celebrity doctors had disparaging comments to make on … Keep Reading

American Idol 2012 Recap: Season 11 ‘Top 12 Women Perform’ 2/29/12

American Idol 2012 Recap: Season 11 ‘Top 12 Women Perform’ 2/29/12

American Idol returns tonight for the second of three parts this week. Tonight the top 12 women will perform and on Thursday it will be the results show.  Stand by as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute results.  After the ladies perform tonight the public will vote for their favorites.

The ladies really need to bring their … Keep Reading

America’s Next Top Model Recap: Cycle 18 Premiere, British Invasion 2/29/12

America’s Next Top Model 2012 Recap:  Cycle 18 Episode 1 'Kelly Osbourne' 2/29/12

My favorite reality show America’s Next Top Model premieres tonight with Cycle 18.  In an interesting twist this season USA American hopefuls are in for a surprise when they battle it out against all-star models from Britain’s Next Top Model.   Emotions will run high and the competition will be intense as all the hopefuls, vie for the grand … Keep Reading

Modern Family Recap: Season 3 Episode 17 ‘Leap Day’ 2/29/12

Modern Family Recap: Season 3 Episode 17 'Leap Day' 2/29/12

Tonight is a whole new episode of ABC’s hit show Modern Family and it is called ‘’Leap Day’  and it is being aired on a leap day.   Stand by, we will be live blogging the show at 9PM tonight with all the up-to-the-minute details.   On last week’s episode it was a day of disturbing realizations when Mitchell manages to … Keep Reading