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GLOBE: Inside The Jackson Family’s House Of Horrors (Photo)

GLOBE: Inside The Jackson Family's House Of Horrors (Photo)Everyone knows that life for the members of the Jackson family has been a disputatious mess lately.  And we know this because much of this ugliness has spilled over into the media. Of course Paris Jackson’s tweeting as well as Prince Michael’s has certainly helped. Grandma Katherine Jackson’s kidnapping by some of her greedy-rat children made headlines.  Some of Katherine’s … Keep Reading

Robert Pattinson Knows Kristen Stewart’s A Liar, Seeks Truth From Liberty Ross

Robert Pattinson Knows Kristen Stewart's A Liar, Seeks Truth From Liberty Ross 0810

Robert Pattinson is still not convinced he knows everything that really went down in that mini cooper between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders. Kristen says it was a one-time deal while others contend the affair went on for months. Pics of the make-out session convey a sexual familiarity but Kristen (and one friend) cry there was absolutely no P … Keep Reading

CDL Exclusive: Interview with ‘Burn Notice’ Creator Matt Nix

CDL Exclusive: Interview with 'Burn Notice' Creator Matt Nix

Matt Nix serves as executive producer, writer, and creator of the Burn Notice, an original USA Network series that launched its sixth season earlier this summer. Nix has written scripts for all the major movie production houses and he is also an acclaimed director. In addition to his work directing episodes of Burn Notice, he has written and directed … Keep Reading

Dallas Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Family Business’ 8/1/12

Dallas Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 'Family Business' 8/1/12

Tonight on TNT is an all new episode of Dallas. On tonight’s show titled “Family Business.” On tonight’s show John Ross learns the value of family when he must choose between blood and oil. Sue Ellen and Rebecca both find themselves victims of men who could destroy their lives. If you missed last week’s show called “No Good Deed” Keep Reading