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Selena Gomez dishes tour details! & Other Hanging Laundry

Selena Gomez dishes tour details!WATCH EARSUCKER TV HERE

Selena Gomez dishes tour details!  Earsucker

Is Lance Gross REALLY a New Daddy or… Miss Jia

Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Launch Her Own Fashion Line  Swanky Celebs

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Are Back On  Celebridoodle

WTH is Vanessa Hudgens wearing?  ICYDN

Kate Bosworth Shops With Pals  Bricks and Stones

Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never DVD … Keep Reading

Snooki Received Money To Speak At A College

Snooki Received Money To Speak At A College

There are a ton of people in Japan that still need financial assistance and aid and yet, colleges are forking over money to pay to have people like Snooki speak to their students. What is the world coming to?!??

Rutgers University paid a whopping $32,000 for Snooki to speak at two engagements. $32,000! Holy crap! I hope she taught them … Keep Reading

Dina Lohan Angry Over NecklaceVideo.com Footage Sales

Dina Lohan Angry Over NecklaceVideo.com Footage Sales

Kamofie & Company reportedly sold the footage from Lindsay Lohan’s shopping trip on the day that she allegedly stole the $2,500 necklace from their store. They were said to have gotten $40,000 from the video!

Since, NecklaceVideo.com has acquired the footage and they are asking fans to pay $2.99 to view pieces of it. Now, her mother, Dina is said … Keep Reading

Reality Star Honored by Celebrity Attorney

Nick Albini has been seen on Discovery Channel’s reality show “Out of the Wild: Venezuela”. To celebrate his accomplishment on the show, a Celebrity Attorney and friend of Albini will throw a party in his honor during the season finale this weekend.

The series “Out of the Wild” is similar to “Survivor”. The show puts the contestants in a survival … Keep Reading

Teaser Steamy Pics Of Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scenes Released!

Teaser Steamy Pics Of Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scenes Released!

There are two of the hottest Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) pictures we have seen.  They are from the honeymoon scene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and they are steamy!    Twi-hards we have them for you to drool over – they will leave you wanting more.  The first picture is a … Keep Reading

Spencer Pratt Injured!!

Spencer Pratt Injured!!

I’m still on the fence over this story.  I say that because, well, it’s Spencer Pratt and you just never know what you’ll get with him.  According to Hollywoodgossip.com, the reality star/doochebag ‘critically injured’ himself while trekking through the ‘hills’ in the UK…. no pun intended.

Pratt had been in Wales over the past week, taking in the sights and … Keep Reading

Justin Bieber Believes That Robert Pattinson Is A Vampire In Real Life

Justin Beiber Believes That Rob Pattinson Is A Vampire In Real Life

When Robert Pattinson was cast in the Twilight Saga, critics were stunned by how convincingly the British actor played the role of the brooding bloodsucker and it seems as though his portrayal was so good that upon meeting him 17-year-old Justin Bieber was easily convinced that Rob is actually a real vampire! 
Justin is a huge fan of … Keep Reading