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Kate Gosselin Is A Demanding Diva

Kate Gosselin Is A Demanding Diva

Let’s not act like this comes as a surprise to anyone! According to new reports, reality star and mother of eight, Kate Gosselin is still a demanding diva!

Kate was recently in Tennessee where she was doing filming and promotion for the upcoming season of Kate Plus 8. Let’s just say that she wasn’t nice. Well, that might be the … Keep Reading

Justin Bieber’s Hair on Display

Justin Bieber's Hair on Display

Even though Justin Bieber has become a household name, his fame is reaching new extremes. This time, the attention is not for his music, but because of another one of his trademarks.   That would be his hair.

It has recently been discovered that the locks of Justin’s hair that were cut off during his recent, infamous haircut were sold during … Keep Reading

Perez Hilton Is Writing A Children’s Book

Perez Hilton Is Writing A Children's Book

Because this twit has crafted so much goodness online, someone is allowing Perez Hilton to write a children’s book!

Holy crap, I can’t tell you how preposterous this idea even is. In the first place, Perez has put together a website that lobs nothing but hatred and spews garbage at celebrities who have become afraid of going against him. Still, … Keep Reading

Is Katy Perry Cheating On Russell Brand?

Is Katy Perry Cheating On Russell Brand?

Katy Perry appears on the front cover of NW magazine with the title suggesting that she’s hooking up with another guy!

In their “exclusive”, they claim that Katy has another man. Underneath that, there is the title, “Split Fears After Shock Revelation”, leading the reader to assume that she’s already cheating on her husband after only having been married for … Keep Reading

Ashley Greene Talks About Ex-Boyfriend, Joe Jonas

Ashley Greene Talks About Ex-Boyfriend, Joe Jonas

Ashley Greene talked about her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas in a recent interview, saying that she didn’t feel lovestruck when they first met!

The twosome were dating for nine months before they went their separate ways earlier this month. She said, “A friendship developed, and that’s the most important for me. If you are going to be with someone all the … Keep Reading

Review Of Britney Spears’ New Album Femme Fatale

Review Of Britney Spears' New Album Femme Fatale
Justin-Guest-BloggerLet me introduce our New Guest Blogger Justin Taroli.  Justin is a graduate of King’s College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Communications.   He owns and writes for ListsAndGrades.  Justin will be guest posting for Celeb Dirty Laundry on a weekly basis – so stay tuned!!

Here’s Justin ………

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale - Over a decade into her … Keep Reading