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See Celebrities Vote! U.S. Election Day 2012 (Photos)

See Celebrities Vote! U.S. Election Day 2012 (Photos)

The 2012 Election Season is coming to a close, with your vote being the grand finale. All across the country people are exercising their right to vote and make sure their voices, as well as their beliefs, are heard and recognized. No matter where your vote goes, we think it’s important to be an active participant in society — and … Keep Reading

The Amazing Race Season 21 Shocker – Team Takes Money: Theft Or Fair Game Play?

The Amazing Race Season 21 Shocker! Team Commits Fraud

Last night there was a shocking event that disturbed many viewers, were you one of them? Did you watch the episode? If you missed any of it, you can read the full and detailed recap here.

This “shocking event” went down at the travel agency when fan favorites, Rockstar & Lawyer, James & Abba dropped a wad of cash … Keep Reading

Brooke Shields Pays Homage To Her Mom, “I Loved Her, I Laughed With Her, and Respected Her”

Brooke Shields Pays Homage To Her Mom, "I Loved Her, I Laughed With Her, and Respected Her"

Brooke Shields has paid homage to her mom Teri Shields who passed away last week after a long battle with dementia.   The 79-year-old Teri, had a great career of her own before helping her daughter land her first modeling job, and later helping Brooke become a successful actress.

Brooke has this to say about her Mom, “My mother was an Keep Reading

A Playboy Club In India? Why Hugh Hefner’s Plan To Outsource Bunnies Might Get Shut Down


India is not exactly a country known for its sexual liberation, which is why it’s a strange spot for Hugh Hefner’s empire to open up a Playboy Club, especially considering that the magazine has been banned there. (Forget about public nudity, as Jezebel.com notes, the Indian government is so conservative that they are even allowed to issue arrest warrants for … Keep Reading

Margot Robbie: Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend Isn’t A Model!

Margot Robbie: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend Isn't A Model! 1106

I’m not surprised by the timeline. Leonardo DiCaprio’s the hottest actor in Hollywood. You knew he wouldn’t stay single long. I am surprised by the rebound blond. Leonardo likes models – swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret models to be exact. But sources say Leonardo spent A LOT of cozy time with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie over … Keep Reading

Dakota Fanning Says Kristen Stewart’s Cheating Is Cool

Dakota Fanning Says Kristen Stewart's Cheating Is Cool 1106

In the upcoming December issue of InStyle UK, Dakota Fanning has some choice words on Kristen Stewart’s cheating past. Don’t freak out. She’s actually being a good friend and defending Kristen although I can’t think Kristen is super fond of the idea of Dakota talking about her scandal to begin with but whatever. The interviewer asked the question and … Keep Reading

Kristen Stewart Buying Sex Toys for Use on Robert Pattinson! (Video)

Kristen Stewart Buying Sex Toys for Use on Robert Pattinson!

Kristen Stewart, for the most part, seems to have made amends with Robert Pattinson. But I suppose she will have to continue proving herself to him, and show him that she can be a faithful girlfriend — just like he (or so we think) — was a faithful boyfriend. So what is Kristen doing to keep her romantic … Keep Reading