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Cher Steps Up To Defend Chaz Say’s ‘He Is No Different’

Cher Steps Up To Defend Chaz Say's 'He Is No Different'

Cher is a loyal and loving mother and she believes her transgender son is the “same child” just in “different wrapping.”

The 65-year-old Cher found it “very hard” to adjust her mindset when Chaz Bono – who was born a woman named Chastity and began gender reassignment surgery around three years ago – initially had a sex change, but she … Keep Reading

Michael Lohan’s ‘Girlfriend’ Kate Major Getting Evicted

Michael Lohan's 'Girlfriend' Kate Major Getting Evicted	 To add insult to injury for poor Kate Major it seems her altercations with Michael Lohan are getting her evicted from her Florida home.

Michael – the father of fellow trouble maker, Lindsay Lohan – has been arrested twice this week for allegedly assaulting Kate and then violating her restraining order against him. The subsequent police and media attention has … Keep Reading

Kim Kardashain And Kris Humphries Marriage Break Up Fight (Video)


All the noise about Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Marriage coming apart has been verified by a TMZ video we have below of the couple fighting.

Kim Kardashian has already admitted in print that her freshly minted marriage to Kris is far from “ideal.” Kim wed the currently unemployed and partying NBA star in August while she is working like … Keep Reading

Interview with Glee’s Jonathan Groff

Interview with Glee's Jonathan Groff

A few years ago the rock musical ‘Spring Awakening’ made its way to Broadway and altered the theatre scene. The show dealt with the dangers of sexual repression and was a platform for teen angst. A major reason for the production’s incredible success was its cast, headed by Jonathan Groff. Later, the Tony nominated actor proved to be a distinguishing … Keep Reading