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OK! Magazine: Secrets Of Kim Kardasian’s Wedding – Photo

OK! Magazine: Secrets Of Kim Kardasian's Wedding - Photo

The August 22nd issue of OK! Magazine features Kim Kardashian and they claim they have ‘Secrets of her wedding.’   OK! Magazine seems to in the know about Kim Kardashian and the big event.  Last week they had exclusive an exclusive story on what happened inside Kim‘s wedding shower.   This week blazoned across the cover is ‘Exclusive Photos – Kourney Keep Reading

People: How Sandra Bullock Got Her Groove Back – Photo

People: How Sandra Bullock Got Her Groove Back - Photo
In the August 22nd issue of People Magazine the cover features Sandra Bullock, 47, and how she got her life back.  Sandra had a difficult time last year with the breakup with her husband Jesse James and the subsequent news that he had cheated on her with multiple women.    Since the one year anniversary of her divorce will be … Keep Reading

Globe: Kate Middleton’s Miscarriage Tragedy – Photo

Globe: Kate Middleton Middleton's Miscarriage Tragedy - Photo

In the August 22nd, 2011 issue of Globe Magazine, their cover story is about the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William.  Blazoned across the cover “3 Months After The Wedding – Kate’s Miscarriage Tragedy.”  The magazine says they have a word exclusive and details of how William rushed to Kate’s side.

Globe claims: Devastating heartbreak Keep Reading

Hell’s Kitchen Season 9 – Episode 8 Recap 08/09/11


Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen Episode 8 “10 Chef’s Compete” has a surprise special guest star, Austrian Celebrity Chef  Wolfgang Puck.  If you missed last nights show catch our recap HERE.   Tonight’s episode has, more whining, fighting and some of the worst dishes ever prepared!  It is hard to believe any of these people are chefs.

Chef Gordon Keep Reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger In Trouble For Smoking At An Airport?

Arnold Schwarzenegger In Trouble For Smoking At An Airport?

Disgraced former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in trouble in his native Austria for reportedly lighting up a cigar at an airport!

In June, the Governator was said to be smoking one of his trademark cigars at Salzburg Airport. An anti-smoking group there is considering filing a lawsuit against Arnold for the act. Doesn’t he have enough problems to worry … Keep Reading