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Celebrity Model and Wrestling Personality Amy Vitale Stars in Upcoming Movie


Actress and Wrestling Personality,   Amy Vitale has taken Hollywood by storm over the last few years. She’s appeared in major block busters like “There’s Something About Mary” starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller, among other major motion picture and television hits.  In 2011 Vitale fans will be able to see this silver screen Diva in a Sci-Fi drama called “Planeta Keep Reading

Fitness King Jack LaLanne Dead at 96

Fitness King Jack LaLanne Dead at 96

The Godfather of fitness Jack Lalanne passed away today at 96 years old. Jack was an American fitness, exercise, nutritional guru, and motivational speaker. He published numerous books on fitness and hosted a fitness television show  “The Jack LaLanne Show” between 1951 and 1985.  LaLanne celebrated his 95th birthday with the release of a new book titled “Live Young Forever” he … Keep Reading

The Art of Pregnancy Paranoia

As a newly pregnant woman, people are constantly telling me what I can’t do or eat anymore – everyone is an expert.   I started to feel paranoid that everything I was doing could in one way or another harm the baby!   As time passed and after some research I found out that these rules are not rules everywhere!   How does that … Keep Reading

Danny Glover Grabs Harry Belafonte For A Smooch at Bing Bar’s Dinner


Bing Bar was home to some of Sundance’s biggest events last night as Bing hosted the cast dinner for Harry Belafonte’s “Sing Your Song,” the official cast party for “My Idiot Brother” and an exclusive performance by Florence + The Machine.   Danny Glover stopped by to support his old friend Harry Belafonte and planted a smooch on his lips … Keep Reading

A Sarah Palin Free February?

A Sarah Palin Free February?

Sarah Palin has given all women in the country a ton of reasons to be ashamed. She has glorified the celebrity lifestyle, as opposed to her political ambitions as Governor, she has shot wild animals from a chopper and she reads every magazine ever printed — So what’s not to love?

So when the Washington Post decided to opt out … Keep Reading