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Michael Lohan Denies Lindsay Is Being Stalked By Sam Lutfi

Michael Lohan Denies Lindsay Is Being Stalked By Sam Lutfi

This tale is just getting more and more twisted by the minute. Earlier, we reported that it was being speculated that Sam Lutfi was stalking Lindsay Lohan. He was said to be sending her harassing text messages and phone calls. Now, her father Michael is saying that he and Sam are merely victims of a smear campaign! What??!?

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Zac Efron Pressured To Get Engaged To Vanessa Hudgens?

Zac Efron Pressured To Get Engaged To Vanessa Hudgens?

We were just as shocked as anyone when we reported that Zac Efron and long-time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens ended their five-year relationship. Now, we’re hearing reports about what went wrong!

According to sources, Zac was feeling some pressure to pop the question! After dating since they met on the set of High School Musical, the twosome have been inseparable. With … Keep Reading

Tony Romo Engaged To Candice Crawford

Tony Romo Engaged To Candice Crawford

I bet Jessica Simpson is having a conniption fit of epic proportions! After Nick Lachey announced his engagement to fiancee Vanessa Minnillo, Jess announced that she’s getting hitched to her boyfriend, Eric Johnson. Now, another of her ex-boyfriends, Tony Romo, is engaged!

Hottie McHotterson, Tony is engaged to girlfriend Candice Crawford. After unceremoniously ditching Jess in … Keep Reading

Kate Middleton Attends Queen’s Family Lunch

Kate Middleton Attends Queen's Family Lunch

Royal wife-t0-be Kate Middleton joined her fiancé Prince William for a private family affair a pre-Christmas lunch with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.  The lunch was held at Buckingham Palace and is an annual event that takes place before the Queen heads off for her seasonal holiday.   The lunch was attended by several members of the Royal family and is said … Keep Reading

‘Tis The Season To Divorce In Hollywood And Other News

Tis The Season To Divorce In HollywoodWATCH EARSUCKER TV HERE

‘Tis The Season To Divorce In Hollywood  Hilary Shepherd

Morgan Freeman Not Dead Despite CNN Tweet  Amy Grindhouse

Who wore it better: Jay-Z or Snoop Dogg?  AYYYY!

Brad Pitt Brings Angelina Jolie Out Again In Leather Pants   Busy Bee Blogger

Amy Locane Indicted in DUI Death [PHOTOS]  Celebrity Smack

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Scientologists Chasing ‘The Bachelor’ Star, Shayne Lamas

Scientologists Chasing 'The Bachelor' Star, Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas won ‘The Bachelor’ show and now the Church of Scientology is trying to get in bed with her.  They keep sending her bills for $1500 claiming that she donated that amount in 2004 but her check did not clear. 
Scientologist freaks love to have well-heeled stars amongst their ranks and would certainly want Lamas in their organization.  … Keep Reading

Is Lindsay Lohan’s Stalker Sam Lufti?

Is Lindsay Lohan's Stalker Sam Lufti?Is Lindsay Lohan's Stalker Sam Lufti?

It appears that the person who has been harassing and threatening Lindsay Lohan most via text messages is Sam Lufti.   He is the same creep who helped Britney Spears self-destruct a couple of years ago – feeding her illegal drugs and otherwise ruining her life.  Eventually Britney’s conservators obtained a restraining order against Lufti.
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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Getting Married In India

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Getting Married In India

Apparently after years of speculation Brad Pitt, 46,  and Angelina Jolie, 34, who are raising six children together have finally decided to tie the knot.   They have decided to have the wedding in India and have a Hindu ceremony in Adhyatm Vigyan Satsang Kendra healing centre, in Jodhpur, north-west India.  The wedding is set to take place Valentine’s Day 2011.

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