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‘Columbo’ Actor Peter Falk Has Passed Away

'Columbo' Actor Peter Falk Has Passed Away

It is with great regret that we report that Columbo actor Peter Falk has passed away. He was 83 years old.

He had suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, but has passed away yesterday at his home. A rep for the Falk family issued a statement, saying, “Peter Falk, 83-year-old Academy Award nominee and star of television series, ‘Columbo’, died peacefully at … Keep Reading

Cameron Diaz Likes Her Bubbly Boobs

Cameron Diaz Likes Her Bubbly Boobs

Cameron Diaz is on the promotion trail for her new movie, Bad Teacher, so she’s releasing silly little quotes. Like many other actresses, in order to garner some attention, she’s talking about her boobs.

She said that her mother told her that big boobs aren’t always the best and believes that the perfect breasts should be able to fit … Keep Reading

Paris Hilton & Cy Waits To Remain Friends

Paris Hilton & Cy Waits To Remain Friends

Paris Hilton is adamant that she and ex-boyfriend Cy Waits will remain friends. Earlier this week, the former couple went their separate ways, after dating for almost two years. Paris insists that they will be able to maintain a good friendship, even though when together, they talked possible babies and marriage.

Paris said, “Cy is a good guy. We’ve been … Keep Reading

Lindsay Lohan’s Alcoholic Tea Excuse

Lindsay Lohan's Alcoholic Tea Excuse

Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled yesterday that Lindsay Lohan can stuff anything she wants into her pie hole, but she’s persistent in making believe that she didn’t have any alcohol in her system.

It doesn’t matter now, because the judge ruled that she wasn’t supposed to be tested for alcohol, so it wouldn’t have made a difference if she held a … Keep Reading