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Oksana Grigorieva Threatened Mel Gibson’s Career In Email

Oksana Threatened Mel's Career In Email

After their big fight on January 8, 2010 Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson an email threatening him and mentioning that her son Sacha’s father, Timothy Dalton, used to fight, yell, and ‘act out’ in rage at her.   Then she complains that even her son is acting out and yelling at her.   The woman has no luck – it seems nobody … Keep Reading

Willie Nelson Busted With Six Ounces Of Pot


Country singer Willie Nelson, 77, was arrested today in  Sierra Blanca, Texas and charged with procession of  six ounces of  marijuana.  The bus pulled into a check point in Texas and the officer Bill Brooks says when the door opened he smelled marijuana.  Three other people were arrested along with Willie.  Willie was held on a $2,500 bond and was later … Keep Reading

Eva Longoria Confronted Erin Barry Before Divorce Filing

Eva Longoria Confronted Erin Barry Before Divorce Filing

Before Eva Longoria shocked us all by filing for divorce from husband, Tony Parker, she reportedly confronted the “other woman” in their relationship. Three’s a crowd!

Tony was said to have had a sexting relationship with his teammate’s wife, Erin Barry, but never admitted to anything physical. Eva went face-to-face with Erin, confronting her after considering her a … Keep Reading

Mel B Caught Cheating On Her Husband! And Other News

Mel B Caught Cheating On Her Husband! WATCH EARSUCKER TV HERE

Mel B Caught Cheating On Her Husband!  Celeb Killer

Kanye West was all smiles at the Thanksgiving parade ICYDK

Heidi Fleiss’ Home Goes Up In Smoke  Notorious News

Wardrobe Malfunctions, a gallery  CelebSlam

Kelly Brook Fit Fab & Cleavy 11/25/2010  Fit Fab Celeb

Bristol Palin Has Gained Weight  Celebridoodle

Leighton Meester Pimps Another Hair Product  Bricks Keep Reading

Britney Spears Betrayed By Parents!

Britney Spears Betrayed By Parents!

As you already know, Britney Spears has been under her father’s thumb for quite some time, after being placed under a conservatorship after going crazy.

We’ve all heard that Jamie was being strict with Britney and what she was allowed to do, who she was allowed to contact and some have said even her clothing choices. (Lack of a bra … Keep Reading

Willow Palin Buys Illegal Drugs?

Willow Palin Buys Illegal Drugs?

Former classmate of homophobic facebook ranter Willow Palin, 16,  sister of Bristol Palin and daughter of Sarah Palin was seen by former classmate Lance Nezaticky, 18, involved in buying marijuana, $20 worth, in a deserted Target parking lot at 1am on a December night last year.  Lance saw the male driver of the car in which Willow was … Keep Reading