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TRUE BLOOD Season 4–Behind The Scenes Look!

TRUE BLOOD Season 4--Behind The Scenes Look!

True Blood! True Blood! True Blood! If you aren’t super-duper excited for the new season of True Blood, then you deserve a first class ticket on the Crazy Train destined for Crazyville. Because this season is going to be better than ever. With a new coven of witches in town, the supernatural creatures — both living and undead — lurking … Keep Reading

Scotty McCreery’s Date Night at the 2011 CMT Awards Show?

We’ve heard the rumors of Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina dating and both have adamantly denied it. Well, I want to believe they are telling the truth, but from how cute and happy these two look at the CMT Awards show tonight, it’s hard to not to think there is a little romance going on between the two of them.… Keep Reading

Ed Westwick’s Drunken, Angry Night

Ed Westwick's Drunken, Angry Night

A drunken Ed Westwick and all of his douche-bag-y-ness has reportedly caused yet another bar fight. Sources say that the actor, most famous for his role as Chuck Bass on the popular show Gossip Girl, served as the catalyst for the fight after drinking too much tequila and insulting — yeah, insulting — a fan (technically, the people who … Keep Reading

Pippa Middleton Has A Second Place Rear

Pippa Middleton Has A Second Place Rear

Apparently, Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s sister, was praised and ogled over during her sister’s wedding for her spectacular rear-end (aka her butt). Unfortunately, her spectacular little tush wasn’t fantastic or amazing enough to take home England’s Rear of the Year Award. Yes, this is a real award. Yes, the U.S. needs an award like this. Yes, CDL will … Keep Reading