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Willow Smith Puts Her Career Before School

Willow Smith Puts Her Career Before School

Fractions? Who needs ‘em? Willow Smith is too busy whipping her hair back and forth to do math!

Math is for commoners, haven’t you heard?

Willow is the ten-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and obviously she is just as career-minded as her parents. But to the point of letting her school work go behind? Maybe that’s … Keep Reading

Metrodome Roof Collapses – Video


Heavy snow caused the roof of the Metrodome  a 64,000-seat football stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota to collapse on Sunday morning.  A game between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings had to be scheduled.  Take a look at the video below caught by Fox News.

Thank goodness they were not playing a game when the roof collapsed!

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