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Chelsea Handler Likes Interviewing Rappers

Chelsea Handler Likes Interviewing Rappers

Chelsea Handler likes interviewing rappers on her late night talk show. Why, you might wonder? Well, like her, they don’t have a filter attached to their mouths. You know, that little mechanism that kicks in right before you say something that you know you shouldn’t? She’s missing that.

In a new interview, she said that musical artists are the best … Keep Reading

Dr. Drew Insists Jeff Conaway’s Death Wasn’t A Drug Overdose

Dr. Drew Insists Jeff Conaway's Death Wasn't A Drug Overdose

When Jeff Conaway slipped into a coma, it was thought that he was suffering the effects of a drug overdose. Then, Dr. Drew Pinsky came forward to give his assessment of the situation. He said that Jeff was suffering from “overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis.”

Now that Jeff has passed away, the internet has gone crazy with the rumors of … Keep Reading

Spencer Pratt Mad About Virgin Mobile’s ‘Sparah’

Spencer Pratt Mad About Virgin Mobile's 'Sparah'

Spencer Pratt and his famewhore wife Heidi Montag made a LOT of money off of their public image, so when Virgin Mobile manufactured their fake couple Sparah, Spencer was miffed, natch.

As a matter of fact, Spencer and Heidi, dubbed Speidi in the media, posed together for countless photo opportunities. They’ve posed for magazine covers, photos of them of looking … Keep Reading