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Selena Gomez Threatened By Justin Beiber’s Return To Childhood Friend


Justin Beiber has just rekindled his relationship with old boyhood friend, Christian Beadles which would not be a big story except it means he is probably re-established contact with Christian’s older sister, Caitlin.  Caitlin Beadles used to be Justin’s girlfriend and that could definitely be bad news for Selena Gomez.

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Someday’ Fragrance Makes $3 Million

Justin Bieber's 'Someday' Fragrance Makes $3 Million

Teen singer Justin Bieber is taking the fragrance market by storm. After releasing the fragrance to the public just a mere three weeks ago, Someday has already generated over $3 million in retail sales! WOW! You go, Biebz!

The fragrance made its debut on June 23rd and it’s already being called the most successful celebrity fragrance launch in history.

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Hugh Hefner Realizes He Was Used By Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner Realizes He Was Used By Crystal Harris

Amazing as it may seem to the rest of us, it is only dawning on Hugh Hefner now that his ex-fiancee Crystal Harris was using him for his fame and fortune.  Despite realizing that he was used Hefner insists that their relationship was “a pretty nice ride” while it lasted.

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Lady Gaga Plans To Adopt an Asian Child

Lady Gaga Plans To Adopt an Asian Child

The millionaire singer, who’s currently wowing her ‘little monsters’ on tour in Asia, tells people she wants to adopt a child by the time she’s 30.  Luc Carl, who is Gaga’s sometimes boyfriend, will curious to hear his gene pool won’t be necessary.

At a bar in New York last year, the couple were overheard talking about starting a family. … Keep Reading

Breaking Bad Back ‘Crazy And Dark’ According To Aaron Paul

 Breaking Bad Back 'Crazy And Dark' According To Aaron Paul

‘Breaking Bad,’ one of television’s very best shows, returns Sunday to AMC.  Emmy winning star Aaron Paul delivered some truly inside information on the new season: “If you like crazy and dark, you’re gonna love this season,” Paul says.

Paul also said the color symbolizing this season is ‘black.’  Paul talked about creator’s Vince Gilligan’s recent comments that the show … Keep Reading

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Puts Down ‘Glee’ And Reviles Emmy Committee

'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Puts Down 'Glee' And Reviles Emmy Committee

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter took to Twitter to complain that his show was snubbed by the Emmy nominating committee. He called them old and said that they screwed him out of a threesome with his wife, the show’s star Katey Sagal, who had “promised me a threesome if we won.” He also mocked the show ‘Glee.’

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Ronni Chasen Murdered With Cop’s Stolen Gun

Ronni Chasen Murdered With Cop's Stolen Gun

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was murdered with a .38-caliber revolver gun taken from a police officer during a robbery in the San Fernando Valley.

Chasen, 64, was shot multiple times on November 16, 2010 while driving home along Sunset Boulevard from a premiere party for the film Burlesque.

There was speculation that Chasen’s murder may have a professional hit job … Keep Reading