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Britney’s a Disaster in the Courtroom

Britney left the courtroom to go to the bathroom not once, or twice, but THREE times, all while looking extremely distraught. At one point walked out of the courtroom during the hearing and took a 10-minute break. She walked into the bathroom and changed her dark black sunglasses for brown Chanel ones. She also took her hair down. Britney was … Keep Reading

Watch Out Dead Animals Walking!

Sharon Stone is officially on my hate list! Time for a Robyn at Celebrity?Dirty Laundry?RANT!

?Yes, I am animal welfare supporter. This picture makes me want to be sick. How ironic… she is at an aids event to help people, but doesn’t give a shit about killing animals.? How many?baby foxes?did they have to kill for this ugliness?? She doesn’t … Keep Reading