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Shoppers snap up Cavalli collection At H&M

He’s the designer who revealed J Lo is pregnant and is creating the Spice Girl’s outfits for their upcoming world tour. Now thousands of ordinary women have snapped up pieces by Roberto Cavalli after he launched a one-off H&M collection today. Shoppers pushed and shoved into 200 H&M stores around the world to get their hands on the range. All … Keep Reading

Lynne Blames Herself for Britney’s Problem

Lynne Spears has broken her silence and accepted responsibility for Britney’s downward spiral this year, admitting her dreams of having a successful daughter have tragically backfired. She said: “For everything that’s gone wrong for Britney, I blame myself.” “I didn’t raise my children to have Hollywood careers. This all just exploded in my face, and big dreams became big headaches.”… Keep Reading

Pink Kisses Women

The “Stupid Girls” singer – who has been plagued by rumors her relationship with her motocross star husband Carey Hart is on the rocks – is allegedly so tired of her husband’s dalliances with other women she decided to hit back by “making out” with a mystery woman at Santa Monica’s Viceroy Hotel.

A source told Australia’s New Weekly magazine: … Keep Reading

Katie Lines Up Her Next Gig

?Katie is making up for lost time by setting up her next on-screen role. This time, Suri’s mom will join fellow Scientologist celebs Giovanni Ribisi and Jason Lee in a film called The Other Side, a comedy-fantasy which is set to begin rolling in January in Los Angeles and the UK. Also along for the ride is co-star Rupert Friend … Keep Reading

Madonna blogs about Malawi

Madonna posted this message on RaisingMalawi.org

?From the moment I began my work on behalf of Malawi?s ONE MILLION orphans, people have asked, ?Why did you choose Malawi?? I always answer, ?I didn?t. Malawi chose me.? Malawi is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the poorest – suffering from famine, drought, … Keep Reading