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Brad & Anglie : Is the Fairytale coming to an END?

The fairytale romance between Mr & Mrs Smith stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has reportedly hit the doldrums.? Apparently,? the couple have cancelled a family holiday, further fuelling speculation of a rift.According to one friend, Brad, 43, who is working on no fewer than 13 movies with his production company, cancelled the holiday to Lake Mohawk, New Jersey, because … Keep Reading

Lindsay Lohan Not IN REHAB! She’s In Long Island!

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has sneaked back to her native Long Island, sources confirmed yesterday, to lick her wounds and be with family following a long downward spiral in Los Angeles that included drunken-driving arrests and stints in rehab.

La Lohan flew first class to Kennedy Airport late Friday with her younger sister, Ali, a source said. “She’s doing well,” … Keep Reading

Sara Gilbert – Takes Turn With Girlfriend Getting Pregnant!

HOW do lesbian couples decide who will bear the children? Sometimes they alternate. Sara Gilbert, who played the precocious daughter on “Roseanne,” was at Leonor’s Mexican vegetarian restaurant in L.A.’s Studio City looking very pregnant, Janet Charlton reports on her Web site. “Sara and her girlfriend of five years, Allison Adler, are taking turns having babies,” Charlton said. “Allison gave … Keep Reading

Is Reconciliation in the Air for Reese and Ryan?

REESE Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe sure seem cozy these days for a Hollywood power couple supposedly on the outs – and observers of their recent behavior believe a reconciliation may be in the works.The Oscar-winning cutie and her husband – who separated last October amid reports he’d grown very close to comely Australian actress Abbie Cornish – have been spotted … Keep Reading

Will Jessica Simpson’s New Movie “Blond Ambition” Go Straight to Video?

Actress Jessica Simpson has Dismissed Reports Her Latest Movie Is So Bad It Won’T Be Released In U.S. Cinemas.

The 26-year-old’s upcoming romantic comedy Blonde Ambition, in which she stars alongside Luke Wilson, is allegedly not as good as studio bosses had hoped. An insider tells website UsMagazine.com, “It is going straight to Dvd domestically. It will only come out … Keep Reading