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Single mum yesterday told of her secret romance with George Clooney

A BRITISH single mum yesterday told of her secret four-month romance with movie heart-throb George Clooney.
The superstar fell for pretty Sarah Talley, 33, after meeting her in a Las Vegas nightspot.
The Yorkshire-born redhead was whisked off her feet in style as George flew her around in his private jet and wined and dined her at his Hollywood mansion.
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Victoria Beckham Lives on Soybean

While Victoria Beckham was staying at the Blake hotel last week she opted out of the hotels famous healthy meals. Apparently, the Blake is popular with stars because of its gym and healthy menu.

?Victoria had several boxes of edamame brought in specially,? for her. And sources say , ?The green soybean is Victoria?s nibble of choice.?

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Britney Spears Switches Things Up

Yes, Britney was out clubbing again! She entered with some hideous dress and left with her friends outfit. What a great friend Brit is! I bet she thinks she is so cleaver…. I see her now, “Give me your outfit, like it will be like so cool! And, then I will give snapped even more!” Another, ploy to look crazy?
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Jessica Simpson Losing Weight?

Jessica Simpson seems to be quite happy living the single life! She went back to her natural hair and now it looks like she is slimming down. Friday, she looked visibly smaller leaving an Italian eatery in Hollywood. Lets hope she doesn’t keep losing weight…. Hollywood doesn’t need another skeleton.

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