Ashlee Simpson Loves John Mayer and Is Happy For Her Sister

Ashlee Simpson apparently loves Jessica Simpson’s new boyfriend, John Mayer. “Ashlee loves John,” a Simpson pal tells. “She thinks he is great for her. More importantly, Jess is happy.”

Ashlee isn’t the only one in a positive mood. “John seems very smitten,” says another Simpson pal.

Friends say Simpson is relishing this romance, which is low-key compared to her time with ex-husband Nick Lachey. “When she was with Nick, she was really under her family’s thumb,” says a friend. “This is a relationship that is all hers.”

Observes another pal, Christina Milian, who was in Simpson’s “Public Affair” video: “Clearly this is a relationship that’s not for the cameras. It’s not about celebrity. It seems like they truly have an attraction to each other, and they’re both clearly very talented as well.”


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