Chaos Reigns As Britney Spears Stages Hotel Drive-By

Britney caused chaos in Santa Monica, California yesterday in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to get a little paparazzi attention. Photographers camped outside celebrity hotspot the Casa Del Mar hotel, hoping for the chance to shoot Britney’s one-time pop rival Mandy Moore – who was conducting press interviews inside, were stunned when the singer slowly drove by. One bystander says, “It seemed obvious that Britney wanted to get noticed and photographed – why else would you show up at one of California’s paparazzi hang-outs. She drove really slowly and doubled back on herself to make sure that everyone who wanted to get a shot, got a shot.”

But Britney’s afternoon out turned ugly when her security guard, who was with her for the drive, had to fight off one snapper who got too close to his charge.
The onlooker says, “Britney had to make a run for it in the end. She and her bodyguard ended up hanging out by the hotel pool – in full view of everyone.”


Robyn Good:
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