Emma Watson – Girls are too stupid (Hey Britney and Lindsay, Listen to HER)

If Emma Watson ever decides to give up acting, she might try politics or mentoring celebs like Britney and Lindsay, she’s so outspoken. Take the subject of her Harry Potter alter ego, Hermione Granger, and how she serves as a role model for young girls. “There are too many stupid girls in the media,” Watson, 17, tells Parade magazine in this weekend’s issue. “Hermione’s not scared to be clever. I think sometimes really smart girls dumb themselves down a bit, and that’s bad.” Likening certain aspects of her personality to Hermione’s, Watson says, “I’m a bit of a feminist. I’m very competitive and challenging.” The actress, who stars in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, would also prefer to be known for her brains than her looks. “When I was 9 or 10, I would get really upset when they tried to make me look geeky, but now I absolutely love it. I find it’s so much pressure to be beautiful. Hermione doesn’t care what she looks like. She’s a complete tomboy.”


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