KFED Gets a Super Bowl Commercial When Britney Was Rejected

Kfed Leaving the Filming of His Super Bowl Commercial

Fed-Ex is gearing up for a Super Bowl commercial. In the ad for the undisclosed company, said another source, “the worst white-boy rapper since Vanilla Ice pokes fun of his loser reputation in an attempt to change the public’s terrible image of him.” A rep for Federline didn’t return calls.

EW.com confirms today that Kevin Federline will be appearing in a Super Bowl commercial?though not for the expected shipping company from which he takes his post-Spears nickname. Instead, he’s got Nationwide Insurance on his side, and will no doubt be poking some good-natured fun at his somewhat tarnished reputation as a recording artist. SOURCE

I find this so amusing! Britney was turned down a Super Bowl commercial because she was a train wreck, but Kfed picked one up! LOL!

Robyn Good: