Paul McCartney: Heather Who?

If you thought Paul McCartney was licking his wounds thanks to his nasty divorce from Heather Mills, guess again. Last night, McCartney ? just days away from his 65th birthday ? pulled out all the stops for a surprise rock show in a small club on Manhattan’s Lower West Side. Drawing in around 700 fans to the High Line on 16th St. and 10th Ave., McCartney and a four-piece highly charged rock band put on a nearly two-hour show that covered his Beatles years, a little bit from Wings and a couple of tracks from “Memory Almost Full,” his excellent new album on Starbucks/Hear Music Records.
There just enough luminaries scattered about to give the event some glitz, like Whoopi Goldberg, Elijah Wood, Little Steven Van Zandt, New Line Cinemas chairman Michael Lynne, Steve Buscemi, Aidan Quinn and Elizabeth Bracco, music manager Danny Bennett and the a good portion of the Eastman family, Paul’s always in-laws.

Robyn Good: