STACY Keach Tell Lindasay, Nicole & Britney GO TO REAL REHAB!

STACY Keach has some advice for Lindsay, Nicole, Britney and other young addicts: “I did my most important rehab in the Reading Gaol, England’s version of very tough love. So tough they wrote songs about it. A 6-by-6 cell for six months, talk about 666,” Keach told Page Six. “Rehab is not a walk in the park for two months and out. It’s the toughest role you’ll ever tackle.” Sobriety has paid off in career longevity. Keach, 66, stars in John Sayles’ upcoming feature “The Honey Dripper,” just finished the Hallmark Western “The Lone Rider,” and portrays St. Paul in the star-studded audiobook of the Bible.?? Source