What the Hell is Wrong With Britney Spears?

The singer, 25, who has been making the social rounds in NYC this month, arrived with a group of girlfriends at the downtown hot spot ONE on Sunday night wearing a micro-mini red dress. “But she was complaining that she didn’t like it and wanted to change,” a source tells.

Lucky for her, Sunday nights at ONE feature go-go dancers clad in fishnets and bikinis. “So she called the dancers over to talk to them, she said, because she really liked those fishnet stockings,” the source says.

The flattered dancers brought Spears downstairs to their dressing room to try on some of their outfits. A few minutes later, “Britney came upstairs in a dancer bikini and a white busboy jacket. And that’s what she walked out wearing.” source
A source also told the Daily News she drank shots from a bottle of tequila and ended up naked in the dancers’ dressing room, trying on their bikini costumes. “She was in high spirits,” says the source. “[Spears] arrived in a little red dress, but she admired the fishnet [stockings] the dancers were wearing. She went downstairs and tried them on, but didn’t like the way they looked with her dress.

“So she took off her dress and started putting on bikinis that the dancers wear,” he adds. “She stripped all of her clothes off and was totally naked in the dancers’ room. She came out and got a T-shirt off of one of the waiters and danced like that till around 4 a.m.” Source

Robyn Good:
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