New Yorker Cover Of Obama & Wife – Satire Or Inappropriate?

At a press availability Sunday afternoon in San Diego, Senator Obama was asked, according to the diligent Maria Gavrilovic of CBS News: “The upcoming issue of the New Yorker, the July 21st issue, has a picture of you, depicting you and your wife on the cover. Have you seen it? If not, I can show it to you on my computer. It shows your wife Michelle with an Afro and an AK 47 and the two of you doing the fist bump with you in a sort of turban-type thing on top. I wondered if you’ve seen it or if you want to see it or if you have a response to it?”

Obama: “I have no response to that.”  Yikes I would have a reponse – clearly the New Yorker does not want Senator Obama to be president.  Look at the American Flag in the Fireplace and who is that in the picture frame?  Could it be obama oops I mean osama?