Fat Attack By Media On Jessica Simpson Enrages Sister Ashlee – Ya Right!

After Ashlee Simpson had her baby Bronz Mowgli – which translates to New York Frog – she quickly slimmed down and was sporting her lean body in no time.  This in conjunction with mucho cosmetic surgery has her hoping for an acting career to replace her lip syncing disaster of a music career. So now the talentless young mother who married Hobbit look-a-like Pete Wentz is trying to call attention to the one thing she thinks she can flaunt over her much more successful sister Jessica – her slimness! How revolting – she pushes her sister Jessica under the bus to try to draw attention to herself. Ashlee typifies the type of individual that brings Hollywood down – no talent – no natural good looks like her gorgeous sister Jessica – no charisma – just an oversexed slut who takes the only thing she has to offer, her pathetic cheap sexuality, and hurls it in all directions like a hot dog vendor at a ball game – and for about the same price too – LOL!