Oprah Winfrey To Announce Shows End in 2011 – She Probably Plans A Run For Congress in 2012!

The Oprah Winfrey Show can’t end soon enough for me.   The woman is like a plague – her face and name are everywhere – checkout counters, buses, TVs, you name it.   The person who brought us the world’s biggest loser,Dr Phil, is getting ready to go or so it seems. Well I don’t buy it – not for one minute and here is my guess at the truth-there are elections in 2012 – big ones too including the one for President, and Oprah dearly loves to be in charge… so you guessed it – we will see Oprah for Congress or some such terrifying slogan once her show is done.   At least she can afford to finance her campaign with Forbes estimating her net worth at 2.7 BILLION US Dollars!!   I predict we will see Oprah trying to buy her way into the federal government in 2012.  Photo: Fame Pictures

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