To Much Information: Chaz Bono’s Sex Drive Is Up

Chaz/Chastity Bono is saying that she he is finally happy.  She has been undergoing sex change women to man since March 2009.  According to Chastity she has thought she was a man since early childhood.  Ughh she also reports that her sex drive has increased. (She could have skipped that detail)  Chaz/Chastity decided when he/she turned 40 to undergo the transformation.  Man or women I don’t care either way she is one FUGLY person!  Photo: Fame Pictures

2 responses to “To Much Information: Chaz Bono’s Sex Drive Is Up”

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  2. jody says:

    Grow a brain you pompous idiot – your sex life is meant to be private – we don’t want to know about how they grew you a penis. This transsexuality/transgender garbage is the ultimate in elitism – imagine the cost entailed making the dreams of one repulsive woman wannabe man come true? Talk about health care and Obama – if one can show that one is really meant to be the opposite gender then won’t the government be responsible for paying for the operation and treatments? I’m waitingfor the wedding between man and woman where each was the other’s sex before marriage.