Watch Out Catherine Zeta-Jones Walking With A Dead Animal On Her Back!

Rant Rant Rant – Another Robyn at CDL Rant !  I am an animal welfare supporter and it makes me sick to this picture.  How many minks had to die to make that coat for Catherine.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is officially on my hate list.  Catherine Zeta-Jones was out and about in NYC, NY in a long winter dead-carcass coat that would get any member of PETA’s blood boiling on December 20, 2009 en route to the theater to enjoy a holiday show.  Photo: Fame Pictures

  • tey

    see how CZJ holds her dead animal purse up for inspection for photogs as well. she takes a lesson from Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, for whom many animals have been slaughtered. KH especially enjoys wearing dead things every photo op she gets. how many have to die for these women? can’t they sense the sadness? how vain is vain?