CDL – Last Week In Review: June 14th – June 20th, 2010

Another week gone, yikes the first day of summer is tomorrow and we are still having a lot of rainy, cloudy days. I am praying for sun, I got fooled yesterday the sun was shining, I went for  walk and 15 minutes into my walk it started to pour.  Ah well…. rain, rain go away, come back another day :-)   Before I get started with the review of last week I want to stop everyone for stopping by Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Thank you for all your comments and good wishes. Remember if you want a story posted or have a tip just drop me and e-mail at .

I did find time last week to go to a movie.  I got free passes for our local theatre and  the only movie playing was the new "Karate Kid" so I saw it and  was glad I did. Jackie Chan was both humble and brilliant putting in his best ever performance – a really good acting job – would love to see him get a nomination by the Academy next year – the man displayed a range of acting talent from the physical comedy for which he is best known to a degree of genuine pathos that saw him excel in a difficult new territory without being at all campy.
Last week Perez Hilton was the buzz of the week.  Moron and that is the nicest name I can call him apparently posted a picture of Miley Cyrus with her nether region displayed.  Miley Scandal Has Site’s Fans Furious Over Ads.  Our point on the story is simple – regarless of whether the photo of Miley Cyrus was genuine of photo-shopped it shows what purports to be her naked crotch in full display – and regardless of how much Miley is a non-virgin she is under 18 and thus a CHILD.   Publishing a child’s bare crotch is illegal and when it is done by the biggest name in the blogging world then the authorities need to crack down or expect all of us lesser lights to publish whatever it is we want to with impunity.   Perez needs to be jailed.  Meanwhile Miley Cyrus set to star in a Paranormal Thriller “Wake”

Bret Michaels is sure getting around.  It has been said that he is up to host American Idol.  We also saw Miley Cyrus & Bret Michaels Rocks The Stage In NYC.  The concert was part of a series of summer concerts put on by TV show Good Morning America.   Miley & Bret sang the Poison hit "Every Rose Has its Thorn."

In Jackson news In what can only be described as a travesy Michael Jackson’s Physician Dr. Conrad Murray Won’t Have His Medical License Revoked.  Unbelievable who would use this man as a doctor?  In other Jackson news Michael Jackson’s brother Randy Jackson was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.  Rumour has it Randy was very upset about Dr. Conrad Murray retaining his medical license.  Dr. Murray proving what a great guy he is (ya right) sent Randy a "Get well soon"message.

Meanwhile in the most ridiculous news of the week Michael Jackson’s father accused his wife Katherine of being responsable for Michael’s death.  Not taking it sitting down Katherine Jackson’s Lawyers Have Blasted Joe Jackson’s “Preposterous” Claims.  In Joe Jackson fashion he  Pivots and says ‘Katherine Did Not Kill My Son’.  Gosh this guy is such a lowlife!

In sad news giant NBA star Manute Bol passed away last week.  RIP Manute.
In Justin Bieber for the ladies Usher who has mentored Justin says he is amazed at Justin’s versatility.

A new Web Video series was launched this week called  “True Celebrity Encounters” MSN’s Wonderwall.  Don’t miss it – it is worth it :-)

In TWILIGHT NEWS Robert Pattinson says he ask dear old Dad for dating advice.

In CDL WHITE TRASH MOMENT OF THE WEEK –  Lindsay Lohan’s Mom  busted for trying to make off with stolen ice cream LMAO.

Winning the CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDRY HOTTIE OF THE WEEK – True Blood star and hot hote hot Alexander Skarsgard is joining Battleship.  You know that is a movie I will be seeing. 

In CDL CELEBRITY BABY/PHOTOS OF THE WEEK  –   Pete Wentz Getting In Some Father Son Time Before Father’s Day.  His son is adorable! and the most adorable pictures Levi & Vida Alves McConaughey.

In ROBYN’S RANT OF THE WEEK –  Doesn’t this just figure – you become a "White House GateCrasher" and what happens?  You get to start in a reality TV show.  The idiot Michaele Salahi, the female half of a couple who slipped into a White House dinner uninvited will star in"The Real Housewives of DC"

In UGG NOT A ANOTHER CELEBRITY PERFUME – Mariah Carey’s releases a new perfume which is inspired by her husband & targets Kids.  The picture she uses in the ad is about ten years old.  With the news that Jennifer Lopez has earned mega bucks from her perfume sales, it is not a surprise to see so many celebs hopping on the bandwagon.

In the CDL FUGLIEST PICTURE OF THE WEEK –   Tila Tequila Pathetic Publicity Stunt As She Blows Kisses & Shows Photogs Scratches On Her Arm and tied for fugiest pic of the week Peaches Geldof wearing granny pants.

CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDRY MAGAZINE COVERS of the week Michael Jackson covering Billboard.

In Miscellaneous news LMAO Heidi Montag Has Hired A Private Investigator, boo hoo she thinks Spencer was cheating.  Snoop Dogg is hated in Holland.  If you care Kendra Wilkinson Is Moving To Philadelphia.  After several years of dating Harrison Ford & Calista Flockheart tied the knot this week.

Well thats it for last week – Have a wonderful week ahead and stop by this week for many more stories on Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Don’t forget if you have something you want posted or a favorite celeb you want us to write a post about or you just want to say Howdy – send us an e-mail to Hugs Robyn, Annemarie, Jody, Patrick & Rosie xoxo