Celebrity Dirty Laundry – WEEK IN REVIEW! (March21st – 27th, 2010)

Another week is finished, lets take a look back at what happened on Celebrity Dirty Laundry last week.  This week started with more news about the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James split.  Apparantly, "poor boy" Jesse was heavily targeted by women because he is the owner of the West Coast Chopper empire.  Boo hooI  hope that he does not think that will get him any sympathy points.  Meanwhile rumor has it he wants Sandy back, and is willing to do anything to make that happen.   I don’t see that happening anytime soon since she is suppose to seeing divorce lawyers and even her friends are saying they are doubtful she will ever take him back.  This week had everyone wondering if Tiger Woods started a trend – news surfaced that Jesse had not only one mistress several affairs and the count is now up to four.  Jesse James wins again this week "The Most Hate Man in the USA award".

Meanwhile as we reported last week Lady Gaga is being sued by her ex-boyfriend for a whopping $30 M who says he "made her who she is".  Of course Lady Gaga could not take this sitting downa and she responded to the lawsuit.  We also ran an article this week about Lady Gaga’s enemy the man who believes that he was the creative mastermind behind her success and should be paid millions.

Last week Michael Jackson was back in the news.  Documents from the official ambulance report which was filled out by medics on the June 25 last year have been released, and state that Michael’s personal physician didn’t mention he administered the anaesthetic shortly before his passing.   In good news of the week FINALLY Dr. Conrad is facing his license being suspended.

In Misc. news Katherine Heigl announced her departure from"Grey’s Anatomy".  Kim Kardashian split from her boyrfriend again apparently he did not thing she was the type of girl to bring home to Mama. 

Robert Pattinson proved this week just how crazy girls are about him.  Robert Pattison’s wax figure was unveiled this week at Madame Tussauds and the fans went crazy.

In reality news on the Amazing Race Jordan & Jeff, who don’t have a brain between them were eliminated.  On the Celebrity Apprentice Rosie our Reality Queen took exception that the women defeated the men.  Rosie also covered "Dancing With The Stars" Episode one – she live blogged all the highlights of the show.  Watching American Idol becomes more painful week after week.  Just when you thought it could not get any worse….  On Survivor Russell taught the rest of the survivors how the game is played!

Winning the Celebrity Dirty Laundry – FUGLY PICTURE OF THE WEEK – there was a tie this week first the ex-Mrs. Lorenzo Lamas Shauna Sand showed off her new boyfriend and then the three Hilton witches dumb, dumber & dumbest were shopping.  Can’t decide which was the FUGLIEST picture.  What do you think?

Winning the Celebrity Dirty Laundry – WHO GIVES A F?!K AWARD – Tiger Woods gave an interview to ESPN.  The interview is Tiger’s attempt to do damage control – since the "cheater" is going back to golf for the Masters which will be played April 8th – April 11th.

Winning the Celebirty Dirty Laundry – ROBYN’S RANT OF THE WEEK – Watch out Dead Animal Walking – no wonder Mary-Kate Olsen has been dubbed one of "The Trollson Twins" by PETA.  Mary-Kate Olsen wears a fur coat while out and about in the West Village.

Winning the Celebrity Dirty Laundry – SAY IT ISN’T SO AWARD – The clock stopped this week for 24.  The Fox TV network on March 26 stopped the clock on its action adventure series "24," ending one of its most successful dramas

Celebrity Dirty Laundry Magazine Covers of The Week Chloe Sevigny, Yvonne Strahovski.  The Kids Choice Awards Took Place Last Night and we have the list of the winners and some of the Red Carpet Arrivals.

To end the week CELEBUMORON of the week Danny Glover Loses His Mind and Equates Haitian Earthquake to WWII Bombing!

So stop by this week for many more stories on Celebrity Dirty Laundry – Hugs Robyn, Annemarie, Jody & Rosie xoxo