Chaz Bono From Adorable Girl To FUGLY MAN!


WTF happen to Chaz/Chastity Bono she was an adorable girl, a not too bad looking women but she is one FUGLY looking man.   She seems to be getting FUGLIER every time I see a picture of him.   Chaz Bono and girlfriend Jennifer Elia are pictured above visiting an art gallery in Hollywood, California on on February 24, 2010.    Not sure what Jennifer sees in her – the cynic in me thinks the $$$$$  Photo: Fame Pictures


2 responses to “Chaz Bono From Adorable Girl To FUGLY MAN!”

  1. linda loveslace says:

    I’m the last person to throw a stone at Chaz but its true he’s looking a mess lately.I’m no specialist but I wonder if its got something to do with the testosterone treatments he’s going through.I have no idea how Chaz earns a living and wonder how he can afford to live in the Hollywood limelight.Maybe Mom helps out a lot.

    • Robyn says:

      Who knows what it is – but he looks worse and worse everytime I see him. Odds are he lives on Mom’s money. I think they were going to an art show last night where his brother had a painting showing.