Christian Bale Hasn’t Spoken To His Family For 18 Months

The actor’s mother Jenny is mystified as to why he has ignored all attempts she has made to make contact since he was arrested on suspicion of assault following a row they had on the evening of the London premiere of his movie ‘The Dark Knight’ in July 2008.

She said: “He’s not talking to us, it’s not the other way round. He has changed his phone numbers, and he ignores the letters, emails and birthday cards I send.   “As awful as that night was, and although I rack my mind every day about what could have made him behave like that, I’d happily forget it happened if we could go back to being a family. That’s the most important thing.   “We miss Christian terribly. But it’s been more than 18 months now and it’s hard to see how this will ever end.” 

According to Jenny and her daughter Sharon, they are still unsure why Christian – who has a four-year-old daughter Emmeline with wife Sibi Blazic – “exploded with anger” and had them thrown out of his suite at the lavish Dorchester hotel shortly before the premiere.

Jenny, 62, recalled: “He just exploded with anger like I have never seen. He never gave us a chance to find out what it was all about before he frog-marched us out of his suite.”   Sharon added: “He had his face to mine and he was bellowing and swearing about how I never called or emailed. His wife, who I have met a few times and always got on with, was standing across the room. I kept asking her, ‘Why is he doing this?’ but she just shrugged. I was shaking. It was so frightening. It didn’t make any sense.

“It probably went on for about ten minutes before he physically marched us out of the room and into the lift.”   Jenny now relies on the internet for news of her 36-year-old son – who moved to the US when he was 17 with his father David when his parents divorced – and lives in fear of something terrible happening to him.

She told the Mail Online website: “I search for pictures of him on Google just to see how he is. Sometimes he’s pictured with his daughter, and I get to see how she’s growing. If I want to know what’s going on in his life, I have to read the headlines. What if something terrible happens and I have to find out about it in a newspaper? I’m his mum and he’s my little boy.”