2 responses to “Demi Moore Cover Vogue Portugal February 2010”

  1. lindaloveslace says:

    Some photoshopping (of course who hasn’t been?Even Mother Theresa*RIP*had her pics photoshopped would you believe) and certainly good genes.I have seen Demi up close and she’s really quite stunning.A few lines when she smiles and natural laugh lines but nothing one couldn’t hide with concealer and good foundation.
    What’s more important is that she’s really friendly,approachable and down to earth.I misjudged her until I saw her in person.I’m sure she doesn’t care what everybody bitches about her.Just don’t mess with her children.Any protaective mother would jump to their daughter’s defense the way she did against Perez.

    • Robyn says:

      You are absolutely right if anyone said anything about me my Mom would kill them so I give her kudos and Perez is just a media whore anyway let’s face it. I have never met Demi so thanks for the info nice to know she is friendly some celebs I have met are not XXXX Robyn