Floyd Mayweather Has Tantrum At Security

Picture champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, the world’s most conceited man, arriving at the Las Vegas gated community last weekend, where he lives, and not being recognized by the security guard at the main gate.  Well of course the boxer went nuts screaming at the hapless guard “Let me in my mother f**king house!!!   You know who I am man … let me in my house!!!” And Floyd continues “Stop giving me a hard time … you don’t give Maloof a hard time … you don’t ask him for ID when he comes.”

Floyd is currently being sued for a previous incident in which he allegedly battered a guard at the gate!  During the recent incident Floyd brings up the previous incident “I had a problem here before when the security lied and said I touched him and I didn’t!”
Finally Floyd got out of the car, went into the guard shack and opened the gate himself.  What kind of secure community is that?  The tape has been turned over to police and the footage may be used in the battery case to show Floyd had it in for the guards.

Dr. Jody Overland: