George Clooney Flirts With the Amazing Betty White

Via PopEater as if you weren’t already aware, Betty White is awesome.   While accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAGs on Saturday, the 88-year-old Hollywood legend spoke of her wildly impressive career in showbiz and relished in all the people she’s met over the years.   In doing so, she introduced a little blue comedy to the mix. "I actually know many of you and I’ve worked with quite a few," she recalled. "Maybe had a couple. And you know who you are."

The hilarious quip was progressed by one of her hundreds of past cast-mates, George Clooney, who revealed a "fling" with the icon. "In 1987, I did an episode of ‘The Golden Girls’ and I would like to thank Betty White for her discretion," adding: "a friend of mine told me she was a bobcat in the sack."   Missed Betty’s Speech?   Visit   PopEater to see it.  Photo: Fame Pictures

  • lindaloveslace

    I love Betty White and practically know every episode of The Golden Girls by heart.I remember George in that episode.He played a rookie cop to Chief cop Joseph Campanella .They used the girl’s home as a hideut to spy on their crooked neighbours.It was so funny and Dorothy was nuts about the chief cop.
    Didn’t realise she was that young!

    • I loved the Golden Girls as well what a great show – sadly I don’t remember that episode.