Jenna Dewan Tatum Strips For S-S-Sexy New PETA Campaign

Actor and model Jenna Dewan Tatum is the star of a s-s-s-sexy new PETA campaign exposing the cruelty of the exotic-skins industry. With her naked body painted to resemble snakeskin, the sultry star slithers on a tree branch in a jungle setting alongside the words "Wearing Exotic Skins Kills. Leave Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe."

"I couldn’t believe that that is what happens for a wallet or a purse," said Dewan Tatum in an exclusive PETA interview. "There’s faux alligator, faux python. … I think there’s a lot of different things you can find?you just have to ask. Not only are you helping animals and … not promoting cruelty, but you are … saving money."

Dewan Tatum was inspired to star in the ad after watching PETA’s new video, "Cold-Blooded Horrors: Inside the Exotic-Skins Trade," which is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. The undercover exposé reveals that snakes, alligators, and other exotic animals who are killed for their skins are commonly nailed to trees, bludgeoned with hammers, and skinned alive. Their mutilated bodies are still writhing when they are discarded, and it often takes hours for the animals to die, usually from shock or dehydration. Dewan Tatum hopes that her new campaign will convey that it’s easy to have a killer look without having to kill and will discourage people from buying products that are made from exotic-animal skins.

In addition to starring in the campaign, Dewan Tatum has teamed up with jewelry company Energy Muse to create an exclusive vegan bracelet design for men and women—the "Power" bracelet represents respect for exotic animals while tapping into the energy of one’s own inner power. A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet will be donated to PETA to further its efforts in combating the exotic-skins industry.

Dewan Tatum joins a long list of celebrities—including Eva Mendes, Khloe Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Joanna Krupa, and Holly Madison—who have bared it all to help PETA’s animal protection efforts.

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