Jesse James Will Do “Whatever It Takes” To Win Back Sandra Bullock

The motorcycle enthusiast – who was accused last week of having an affair with tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee – has reportedly pledged not to give up on his marriage to ‘The Blind Side’ actress and still believes they can overcome their problems.

A source close to Jesse – who has three children from previous relationships – said: "He would certainly love for this somehow to go away and that somehow things can be rectified and put back together. The one thing that’s most important to him in the whole wide world is that his family comes back together. He will do whatever that takes.  "You’re talking about one of the most beautiful, talented women in the world, just an absolute wonderful human being, and there’s a great loss to him and his children."   Since the accusations against him were made, Jesse has sought solace in his children, 12-year-old son Jesse Jr., and daughters Chandler, 15, and six-year-old Sunny.   The source added to People magazine: “He’s spending every free moment with his children, taking them to school and doing the things they love to do, so this doesn’t disrupt their lives too much."

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Jesse was accused of sexual harassment by one of his former female executives at his West Coast Choppers business in 2007.   The unnamed woman claimed Jesse repeatedly made sexual advances and she kept several suggestive emails from him, as well as a stained T-shirt.   Although no lawsuit was ever filed, the matter was settled for $725,000 in September 2007.   Jesse neither admitted nor denied the allegations.

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