Judge Elden Fox Denies Lindsay Lohan’s Attorney A Meeting

This doesn’t bode well for Lindsay Lohan. Apparently her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, requested a meeting with Judge Elden Fox before her court appearance on Friday and got DENIED!

Shawn had requested a private meeting in chambers before Lindsay’s court date on Friday for her probation violation hearing. She’s due in court to answer to the failed drug tests where she tested positive for cocaine.

A snitch said, “Judge Fox is flat out denying Lindsay’s lawyer’s request to meet in chambers. Shawn had even contacted the D.A. to arrange the meeting, as she always has whenever the need has arisen to meet with the judge. Judge Marsha Revel agreed to meet routinely in the past with both sides, it’s very common. But Judge Fox’s refusal to meet with Lindsay’s attorney is a very bad sign for the actress.”

Will Lindsay go back to jail on Friday for 30 days? What do you think?