Kelly Osbourne Scores Her First Movie Role

Kelly Osbourne, 25, announced on her twitter today that she has landed her first Hollywood movie role.  Kelly will be playing the role of a groupie in new movie Should Have Been Romeo.   Kelly tweeted the following on her twitter today:

‘I got my first movie roll.  We have been in rehearsals for a week and I start filming on Wednesday. I could not be happier!’   ‘The movie is called “Should of been Romeo” it’s a comedy and I play the role of Nicole who is a crazy groupie! It’s amazingly funny. the movie is not the only good news I got I wish I could tell you about my other new job but here is a clue! I coming [sic] back to TV!’

Last year Kelly appreared on Dancing With The Stars and has recently split from her boyfriend model Luke Worrall who was rumored to have cheated on her.  Nice to see something good happening to Kelly.

2 responses to “Kelly Osbourne Scores Her First Movie Role”

  1. Jody says:

    Isn’t it disgusting the way Hollywood is so incestuous? I mean would it kill those clowns to bring in some fresh talent instead of giving all these jobs to the children of stars? No wonder the standards keep falling. How can an industry improve when the primary criterion for advancement is parentage?

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