Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Getting Married For Money?

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Getting Married For Money?

Scott Disick reportedly proposed to Kourtney Kardashian earlier this month, but it had nothing to do with his love for her or the romance — it was all about the payola!

Reportedly, the engagement was nothing more than a business decision, concocted to rake in more dough for the Kardashian family’s empire. A family friend said, “It’s more of a business opportunity than true love. Scott and Kourtney are going to make a fortune off their wedding. E! has already offered more than $500,000 for the wedding righs and that is only one of the many deals. It’s all about the endorsements, and their business machine is already in overdrive.”

And it was Kourtney who backed Scott into a corner with an ultimatum! The insider revealed, “Kourtney is very traditional. She did not want Mason to have unmarried parents. So she approached Scott and basically said, ‘Either we get married or you are out of the family and off the show.'”

Are you buying it???

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  • pool mama

    If the only reason they get married is for the profit, this union will never last. All these two do on the show is fight and make up. Come on get a life and be happy.

  • Jackie

    I am optimistic it will work out. They are doing everything they can,time apart, counseling, etc. He is trying.

  • Jenni W

    Kourtney should’ve dumped Scott a long time ago. He’s scum. If you have to try that hard to keep a relationship going then the relationship shouldn’t be there I mean yes its hard work but not to the point where you need all that help. You should be able to work it out yourselves. Go your separate ways you’ll be better off and maybe find someone who loves you for you not your money or to have air time. Scott is only with her because he wants in the spot light. why else would he have cheated on you in the show. and dont say he didn’t because it was quite obvious!

  • imole

    OMG i cannot believe that she is getting married even i think that it is a bad thing to do . but i am not kourtney she may love scott but for my advice to you from watching the show witch i love soo much you guyz should not get married scott is not a nice person and he is only using kourtney for her money . Kourtney is soo pretty and is fun ,playful and hard workin and has a cuttee baby she is a good experasion to mothers . But scott is a lazy person and gets kourtney fooled that he lovers her when he is an terrible drinker sometimes he could be the perfect person but their is a bad side in him witch everybody sees in him i wish you guyz the best but good luck kourtney x x xx x x x