Who Won Dancing With The Stars Season 11- The Finale Recap!

Who Won DWTS Season 10 - The Finale Recap!

It has been one crazy rollercoaster ride this season on Dancing With The Stars.  The 2010 season was full of controversy, but we are finally at the final night of DWTS.  Three contestants will battle it out on the dance floor tonight and one of them will go home with the coveted mirrorball trophy.

The show started off with a group dance with all of the dancers and pros from this season. Filler mostly. Christina Aguilera performed a song from Burlesque, but she’s still looking a little chunky in the middle. Pregnant? Her reps say no, but it looks like it to me.

First up, the dancers and pros are picking their favorite dance of the season. Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer are doing the Tango. It’s a great dance, very well done and cute — it’s got personality! Score: 26

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are up next, dancing their Tango from Rock Week. It’s still awful and not graceful at all. She jiggles a lot and while she looked like she had a good time, she was not that good at all. Score: 25

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough are dancing last, doing the Viennese Waltz. What a wonderful dance! They have to win!! It was that good. Score: 30

The dancers have just chosen the order in which they’re going to dance for the Instant Dances. Kyle and Lacey are first, Bristol and Mark are second and Jennifer and Derek are last.

Kurt Warner is facing off against Rick Fox in a dance to “The Eye Of The Tiger”. Truly awful stuff is happening here tonight.

The Situation just performed to I’m Too Sexy By Right Said Fred ughhh he cannot dance – gotta admit he is so ugly he is cute.

Christina Aguilera is singing Beautiful – nice song she has a good voice.  Have to say it again she is looking pregnant.  Will we hear the pitter patter of little feet soon?

The finalists are up dancing the instant Cha Cha.   All the couple did a great job.  The dancing is finished for Season 10.  

The judges agree that considering how much time they had to practice all the couples were absolutely amazing.   

Kyle & Lacey – Scores –  Len, 9, Carrie Ann, 9, Bruno, 10.  Total = 110

Jennifer & Derek – Scores –  Len, 9, Carrie Ann, 9, Bruno 10.  Total = 118

Bristol & Mark – Scores – Len, 9, Carrie Ann, 9, Bruno, 9.  Total = 104

The couple in third places is Bristol & Mark.

The couple in second place is Kyle & Lacey.

The winner of DWTS Season 11 is Jennifer & Derek.