America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 – Week Three Recap & Who Went Home

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 - Week Three Recap & Who Went Home

Last week on America’s Next Top Model  two girls went home.   Eighteen-year-old Ondrei from Atlanta, Ga., decided to quit due to a personal situation, while 20-year-old Nicole from Orlando, Fla., was sent home because Tyra Banks felt she looked “too old” in her photos.

This week is makeover week – so as every other season there is a lot of drama.   Initially the girls are very happy that it is makeover week but when they start reading the different makeovers they may get and start to get nervous.  As if they have a choice.    So we are all waiting to see what Tyra has in mind for them.

They are at Privé Salon for their makeover with Laurent D the owner.  Right after the girls get their transformation they will go right to a photoshoot .  They will be shot by Troy Jensen.

Brittani gets all her hair cut off and is taking it very well as she says “they know what they are doing”.  During the photoshoot she says she feels like a whole new person.  Jaclyn sits at the chair and they joke with her and tell her there is a raiser.  They do not change her hair much they just curl it.  Monique is getting extensions and she is happy – they just add a few waves.  The only thing she has to work on is not being too sexy.  Sara is getting a manly cut – they are hoping it will accentuate her androgynous look.  She feels she looks more edgy.

Alexandra they are adding waving long pieces.  She starts telling the hairdresser that she is doing it wrong.  She is crying because she is not happy with what they are doing.  Finally she is happy with what they did.  Dominique is getting a kinky red weave with matching eyebrows.  The style brings a new unique her!  Molly is getting a weave a big curly weave.  They are having trouble doing her hair because her hair is so silky.  Molly is upset with the weave and so is the owner of the salon.  Laurent tried to make it look good.  Molly is upset and Mr. Jay tells her it is Tyra’s vision and she has to work it.

Mikaela is getting super long black hair.  She looks gorgeous with it.  Kasia is getting the wild crazy crimped hair.  She loves her makeover it is wild.  Dalya  got a long weave and she feels it helps her look more modelly.  Hannah got highlights and her eyebrows lightened – it makes her feel more sexy.

Molly is so upset she just complained all the way back to the house.   All the girls feel bad for her.

They get Tyra mail and it says “Tomorrow you will learn all about photosynthesis

So they arrive at a ranch and Jay says they are in the presence of Royalty they are being photographed by Pamela Hansen and styled by Lori Goldstein.  Today is all about couture.   There is another layer to the shoot they will be shooting in groups.  So they have to keep in mind they are competing with the other girls.

Kasia and Molly are shooting together.  The photo started off awkward.   Molly overcomes the makeover and she dominated the photo.

Alexandria was a little cranky  she was shooting with Monique.  When Monique does not like things she pouts. 

Sara and Mikaela are shooting together.  They tell them they look like a robots that they just did not get it.  They had a lot of problems with the shot.  Sara was over analyzing.

Brittani and Hannah are shooting together.   Brittani was a little contrived.  They finally got it going.

Dominque, Dayla and Jaclyn shot together.  The problem with the picture was Dominque was not doing a good job.  The other two are doing well.

All the girls are afraid of Alexandria.  She tries to tell all the girls what to do.   Alexandria feels she intimidates the other girls.

They are going to panel

First girl called –  Alexandria and her picture will be displayed in their home.

Runner Up for best photo – Molly

The bottom two are Dominique & Sara