Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Had No Idea Who His Father Was

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Had No Idea Who His Father Was

Up until recently, the son who Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered with his housekeeper had no idea that the Governator was his father!

Arnold hooked up with the maid when his wife was out of the house and the two had a kid from their affair. Now, we’ve learned that Schwarzenegger Jr., had no clue that his father is the famous actor and former Governor.

His mother, Mildred Patricia Baena, was said to have kept him in the dark and even had him calling her boyfriend “dad”. Arnold and Patty were so good at keeping the planet in the dark over his roots that her own sister didn’t know until earlier this week.

That poor kid. At least Arnold has been doing the right thing by the kid, even though it’s all been shrouded in secrecy. Still, how on Earth can you keep the paternity of a child secret, considering that the media was probably looking to uncover every stone as he ran for Governor of California.

If they were able to keep this a secret for so long, then it makes you have to wonder what else is out there that we don’t know? Is Arnold Tiger Woods 2.0? What do you think of this crazy situation?

I hope Maria Shriver takes all she can get from this cheating loser! Who’s with me?

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