Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 11 ‘Under God’s Power She Flourishes’ Recap 12/04/11

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 11 'Under God’s Power She Flourishes' Recap 12/04/11

Tonight is the eleventh episode of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire called ‘Under God’s Power She Flourishes.’  Stay tuned as we cover the show with up-to-the-minute details of the show.  On last week’s episode with tourist season at its peak The Commodore and his cronies desperately want the strike to be over.  They decide to get strike breakers to break the strike up and it only ends up making a bad situation worse.  Jimmy makes an offer to Chalky White, but Chalky wants more than Jimmy has to offer.   The episode had a shocking ending with Manny the Butcher taking something important away from Jimmy.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!  If you want to see a sneak peek video of tonight’s show and some spoilers you can read them here!

Episode Synopsis: With Margaret pondering the consequences of sin, Nucky prepares her for a worst-case scenario as Esther Randolph plays out her trump cards. Jimmy revisits his college days with Angela and Gillian; Mickey Doyle chafes at sharing his liquor profits; Eli refuses to cop a plea. Nelson’s past comes back to haunt him, tipping the scale in Nucky’s favor.

Next week is the season finale of Boardwalk Empire and at this point things don’t look like they going well for Jimmy.  Things are improving for Nucky in some areas but in other areas they are not.  I think this week Nucky may find out about Margaret’s betrayal.   This week’s show promises to be exciting.

Tonight’s Episode: We hear a voice saying ‘Jimmy I have leave’  Jimmy is saying don’t go.   It is Angela.  But we know Angela has been murdered by Manny.  It is a younger Jimmy so he is remembering when he and Angela were younger and met.

Nucky’s new lawyer is talking to Nucky and telling him that Randolph wants him for Hans Shroeder’s murder.  He tells Nucky they are putting Van Alden on the stand.  Nucky tells him he is innocent.

Nucky asks him how bad is it.  He tells Nucky he may want to get his finances in order.  Nucky asks for a scotch to his servant.  The servant is grateful because Nucky kept him working the past weeks and he tells Nucky he belongs to the Baptist Church.  HE tells Nucky about a year ago they held a week of miracles and Agent Van Alden showed up with the other lawman and he tells Nucky he drowned the agent in front of the congregation.  The man’s name is Harlan and he might have provided Nucky with an edge on Van Alden.

Van Alden says good morning to his daughter Abigail’s nurse.  The nanny thinks he is Dutch, but he tells her he is from upstate and he does not get along with his family.   He goes on to tell her his father was a religious fanatic and does not like him.  The nanny tells him he is a good man.  She tells him there is nothing to be frightened of at the Second Coming.

Margaret’s daughter Emily is being fitted for braces.  She is trying them out.  She tells them her legs feel rubbery and as she tries to take her first step she almost collapses.   The Doctor asks to speak to Margaret and tells her it will be rough she will have to build the strength in her torso.  The priest tells Margaret if she holds up Emily, he will hold up her.

The police are questioning Jimmy’s mother and they ask where her son is.  They take away the bodies of Jimmy’s wife Angela and her lover.  She tells the sheriff that her son’s wife had a female lover and a intruder came in and killed them both.

The sheriff questions Richard and he is very upset and Jimmy’s mother tells the sheriff Richard is a simpleton and the sheriff leaves.

Jimmy’s Mom asks Richard if he has gotten a hold of Jimmy and he tells her no.  She wants Jimmy to come home because people are going to get the wrong idea.  Richard goes to the room where Angela was shot and there is blood on the floor.  He touches the blood and is upset.  Richard loved Angela.

We have a flashback of Jimmy at school – Jimmy is learning to play the social game and how to get ahead. We have a flashback of Jimmy at school  Jimmy’s teacher is quizzing him.  The teacher asks Jimmy to stay after class.  He tells Jimmy he won’t win with people if he behaves the way he does.  He tells the teacher where he comes from people come out swinging.  The teacher asks if he will go back there when he finishes.  He tells the teacher Mr. Thompson is footing the bill and when he finishes he is supposed to go back.  The teacher tells him the other boys are rich but people like Jimmy and him – they have to be clever.

Al Capone, Lansky and Lucky Luciano don’t seem to think that Jimmy is coming back and they will keep his share even if he does.  Doyle tells them that Jimmy did not kill his wife Manny did.  Apparently Rothstein holds a ½ million dollar policy on Doyle’s life and they suggest they can just shoot him and collect.

Margaret is telling Nucky about Emily.  Nucky tells her he does not believe in divine retribution.  Emily calls she has to go to the bathroom.

At the jail a lawyer comes to visit Eli.  Eli asks what they have.  They have Deputy Hollarhans testimony.  Eli says they think he killed Hans but that is horseshit.  He tells Eli that Randolph is sure that Nucky ordered him to kill Hands.  The lawyer tells Eli if he admits Nucky ordered him to kill Hans she will spare his life and not order the electric chair.

Flashback to he past, Jimmy’s mother is visiting him.  She has heard things about him.  Especially that he has a girlfriend.  She tells Jimmy she was thinking on the train she can never get too sad because she has him.  She asks Jimmy what they are going to do for fun.

Esther Randolph is asking how Margaret got Nucky.  Esther asks Van Alden what his impression is about it and he tells Esther he has no impression.  Esther tells Clifford to bring Margaret in.

Flashback to Jimmy at school, Jimmy gives Angela a flower, she asks if his mother has gone back.  Jimmy’s mother shows up and says ‘how could I, I had to meet you’  They are at a party and Angela asks if he knows all the people and Jimmy tells her yes.  Jimmy watches his mother flirting with someone and he is upset.  Angela interrupts his thoughts and ells Jimmy he has to tell him something and tells him she is pregnant.  She apologizes.  He says no and tells her they will get a place and be together.  She asks if it is a marriage proposal.  She tells him he hardly knows him and he tells her he knows she is a good person.

Margaret comes to see Nucky and tells him Emily is asleep.  He asks her what is wrong.  He tells her Eli is testifying against him and he is saying enough to put him in jail and maybe even the chair.  He tells her his money can be seized but he can hide it to help people.  She asks him if that is all that is important.  He tells her there is 160,000 acres and the voting stock belongs to him and he is having it all transferred to her.  It is clear Margaret is not listening.

Jimmy has left the party and is having a drink.  Angela comes out to join him and his mother runs out – her dress is torn and she tells Jimmy she thought they were flirting.  Jimmy runs over and asks his tutor what he did to his mother.  The tutor tells Jimmy he will apologize, but Jimmy hits him and tells him to walk away now and he will pretend it did not happen.  Jimmy tells him it is happening and beats the crap out of his tutor.

Van Alden comes in to to see Doyle and and he asks Doyle what he has for him.  He tells Van Alden he did his best but got nothing. Doyle tells Van Alden there will be a meeting and a lot of green on the table.  He suggests Van Alden have federal agents intercept and then they both can split the take – $150,000 each.  Van Alden tells him he prefers not to.  Doyle asks if that means no and Van Alden tells him not to contact him under any circumstances.

Flashback to Jimmy and his mother.  His mother is drunk and he asks how much she has drunk.  Jimmy asks his mother why she came to see him and she tells him she is the loneliest person on earth.  She asks if Jimmy loves the skinny girl.  He says, no,  I am not sure.  He tells her to take her clothes off and go to bed.  He undresses his mother and tells her to get on the bed.  He is lying over his mother and she tells him she is spinning.  She tells him he knows how to take care of her.  She is caressing Jimmy and tells him there is no one else in the world except him and her.  She reaches up and starts to kiss him and they start to make out and she tells him there is nothing wrong with it.  They have SEX  – GROSS!!!!

Next morning after making love to his mother Jimmy wakes up.  He looks upset.  He gets up and looks out the window at the cadets working out.

Jimmy is at the recruiting hall and he is joining the army. They ask why he is enlisting and he says he wants to stick a saber in the Kaiser’s gut because he lost a brother on the Lusitania – the same line as he heard at school.

Owen comes down stairs and Margaret is working, he apologized for disturbing her.  She tells Owen she is working on Emily’s braces because they are chafing her.  Owen takes I and looks at it and gives her advice to fix it and then proceeds to help her.

Margaret is upset and Owen asks if she thinks about him.  Katie walks in and overhears them.

Current time Jimmy is very drunk – he knows about the double murder – and his mother is on the phone telling him he has to come back and show the world he has nothing to hide.  He is also sniffing heroin that Lucky gave him to market, Jimmy is in bad shape.

Van Alden comes to the office and Randolph introduces him to Mr.Fallon Nucky’s new lawyer.  The priest who saw Van Alden kill his partner is there, they go to arrest Van Alden and he grabs the gun and shoots Clifford in the foot or leg and runs out.

Nucky comes in the room and Margaret is there drinking and she tells Nucky she has been subpoenaed.  He tells her to ignore it because Van Alden is no longer a credible witness.  Margaret asks about Eli and Nucky tells her Blood is thicker than water – he’ll figure something out.  Margaret tells him that it is her fault Emily is sick she has cheated, stole and deceived.  He asks who has she stole from and she tells him her family, her employee and him.  He asks who has she cheated on and she says I live with the man who had the father of my children killed.   But the snake doesn’t admit she slept with Owen!  She implies she is going to testify against Nucky.  He tells her if she wants to sacrifice her life she can but she will not sacrifice his life.  He tells her he has given her everything.

Jimmy is with his mother and she tells him they have to have a funeral but it will not be a big one because she did not have a big following.  She told Jimmy and Angela’s son that Angela has gone to paint.  Jimmy’s mother does not want to tell the boy his mother is dead.  Jimmy mother says one month from now the boy won’t remember she is dead.  Jimmy jumps up and starts to strangle his mother and tells her he will remember – as he strangles her The Commodore comes in and starts to stab Jimmy in the back with a lance, Jimmy’s mother screams no –  the Commodore is strangling Jimmy against the wall with the stave – Jimmy pulls a knife and sticks the Commodore in the gut – his mother screams finish it and Jimmy drives the knife through his father, the Commodore’s heart.

Jimmy is in bed bandaged and he sees Richard in the other room cleaning the knife that Jimmy stabbed the Commodore with.  Richard comes over and closes the curtains so Jimmy cannot see the cleanup.

Flashback to he past and there is Angela’s voice saying ‘Jimmy I have to leave’

A bandaged Jimmy looks back into the room and The Commodore is not there and everything is clean.  Jimmy’s mother brings his son Tommy in and says ‘see daddy is not gone.’  His son asks where his mother is and his mother says ‘I am here you don’t have to worry about anything.’

She says to Jimmy what you did I know you did not mean it and we don’t have to speak of it.  It is all going to be better now.  She picks up the boy and leaves as Jimmy stares at her.  She says one day soon he won’t be a little boy anymore, it happens just like that.  She tells him she is putting his son in bed.

That is it for this week’s next week is the last week so make sure to stop by for our recap!!!

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